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Do the American Idol finalists have a choice about going on tour?

Asked by tonystubblebine (152points) May 22nd, 2008

Normally, the finalists (top 10 or 12) of American Idol all tour for a year afterward. Are they required to do this? Does anyone refuse or drop out? A couple of this year’s finalists don’t seem to have their heart into it (Jason Castro, Amanda). What do you think they get paid for the tour? Some of them seem like they’re on the verge of launching a music career (Syesha) and should do it for free.

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they can’t kidnapp the person and push them out on a stage and make their vocal cords sing. But I’m sure there’s a contract when they enter there top 12 and if they don’t want to they probally don’t have to sign but if they do sign and then refuse to go on tour then there might be a lawsuit

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Contract all the way. That said, if they want a music career (And why on God’s green earth would they put themselves through the grueling ordeal that is Idol if they didn’t?), it makes sense to tour while they are hot and capitalize on their Idol exposure. Several of them will get record deals after the Idol’s record has a period of being in the market without competition.

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