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Did everyone wish Breefield Happy Birthday ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) May 22nd, 2008

Its his birthday today.

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Happy Birthday Bree!! (I’d do the multi-lingual version but I’m on my iPhone)
Hope you have a fantastic day!!

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Happy Bree-day!

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Happy Birthday to Breefield. I don’t think I have come across your name in the answers yet, but I am still a newbie :)

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Happy Birthday Breefield…Enjoy your day!

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happy birthday, may the gods of many religions guide you through life etc. etc. etc.

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Happy Birfday!

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And many more!

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Happy birthday, Bree
May the Fluther gods bless you
With much lurve today

Oooops, stuck in Fluther haiku mode.

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday dude!

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Happy Birthday!
ooh, just missed it

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