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What do you do when you order food (delivery) and it's too spicy?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) February 16th, 2012

I very stupidly just ordered Indian food and when they asked how I wanted it “mild, medium, or spicy” – I said spicy. It’s delicious but it hurts to eat!! All the rice and naan won’t kill the heat.

Any secrets??

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IMPOSSIBRU! Nothing is too spicy for me!
Just eat a bunch of bread.

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Add some butter to the rice. Drink milk or water with the meal.

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Hahaha…well, you’ve been educated in indian spices. lol
Nothing like a killer curry to open the sinuses. ”-)

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Am I remembering wrong, or are you a breastfeeding mom? Big no no if you are. :-)

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Milk, sour cream, and chocolate are really good for killing the pain. And Nutella goes freakishly well with Indian food. Just saying.

Oh, and also, chai (proper chai, with milk) goes really well with Indian food. Being, you know, Indian tea.

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yogurt or cream cheese also helps.

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If I remember correctly… my friend would eat celery.

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@Coloma: no! haha I am not a breast feeding mom hahaha

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@jazmina88 said, add in some yogurt. Sometimes they even have a yogurt-y sauce with it to counteract the spiciness. Good luck soldier. I just ordered delivery too, and am super excited.

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Consider it a lesson. That’s how you learn whether to order mild, medium or spicy (hot). Next time, try mild. If you think you’d like more ‘hot’ than that, ask for the low side of medium. They really will find the right mix for you.

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Never order spicy. You never know how spicy it is. I’ve learned my lesson with that in Chinese food.

If you have sour cream, ranch dressing, or yogurt on hand, those are always good at cooling down spicy food.

Some places will cater to your taste buds, you can either ask them or else they’ll have it written on their menu. There’s a Chinese place near me that does that. I’ve asked them for the non spicy version and they did exactly what I asked them to, no problems.

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@AshlynM Very true, I always start with the mild and then slowly work my way up.

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I have never found anything to lessen the sting and the leftovers always seem to be even hotter, and the pain is pretty much similar when exiting!

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Spit it out and give it back to them, tell them it’s unacceptable and you would like your money back. Justice for all.

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I fart like a jet engine, make my apologies & leave, slightly singed & humiliated.

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Fortunately, that hasn’t happened to me yet. But I do have a funny story:

The first time I ordered for myself at an Indian restaurant I had no idea what to get. I was with an Indian friend of mine, so I asked him for suggestions, and we talked about what I might like. I settled on a chicken tikki masala, I think, at “medium” hot. He ordered the same thing for himself at “hot”.

My dish was excellent, hotter than blazes and teetering on the edge of my capability. I had to eat pretty slowly in order to avoid sweating, tearing up and just plain giving up. It was delicious. My friend… couldn’t finish his. It was too hot for him.

But my suggestion for stopping the burn, since milk and dairy products just don’t do it for me, is acids. Lemon juice and vinegar work well to cut the oils for me; I suppose any (palatable) acid would work just as well.

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@CWOTUS lemon water it is tonight with leftovers!!

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Add more hot sauce.

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actually @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s answer makes a lot of sense. If you add so much hot sauce to the point your mouth becomes numb, you can’t feel the pain!

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drink iced tea

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Cool yoghurt. This is why I campaign for hot, hotter, and hottest in spicy food labeling.

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I mean, what the hell is medium? Is that meant to be middle, or half-spicy or what? lol

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My boys had some hot picante sauce last night and drank about a gallon of milk to cool the heat. Granted it’s not the same as kind of spicy but it was funny to watch their faces, watch them cool it and go back for more lol

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