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Is the media running Whitney Houston in the ground?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) February 17th, 2012

Question: is the media running Whitney Houston in the ground?

Isn’t enough…..enough?

Are the flags in New Jersey at half-mast absurd? Whitney Houston was an entertainer, not a public servant that gave their life to protect our country and its people.

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This is what they do, and why I don’t watch.

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No different than Michael Jackson.

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It’s not even been a week since she died so I am still expecting to hear about it. If you need to ask this question in a months time then I will probably be getting bored of it.

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I think all the media coverage surrounding her death is ridiculous. But I just wrote a question about the ridiculousness regarding the coverage on what contraception is and what it is used for. Flags at half mast for her makes no sense to me, but if Jersey wants to do it have at. I don’t think she is really identified with New Jersey like say Elvis with Memphis (from what I understand flags flew at half mast in Memphis for his death). However, if someone said to me flags flying low should be saved for our military men, Presidents, and others who serve the state in a public role, or who died in national tragedy, I would say that is just fine with me. Did Whitney Houston really play a role as a representative of being an American patriot or sacrifice her life or time for the country? She deserves the honor of our flag waving in recognition of her death? I doubt it.

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Of course. Would you expect anything different?

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Ratings are probably down. Prior to her death, her career was over for 15 years, and the media was treating her like the crackhead loser that she was, and now that she is dead, they praise her as a singing goddess.

They did the same thing with Michael Jackson. Prior to his death media bashed him about his pedophilia and then when he died, he is a hero.

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No, I think death is what is running her into the ground.

While the media love to dig up dirt, they don’t actually like to get their own hands dirty.

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Seems like she ran herself into the ground. We’re just commenting on her.

The woman is dead. She can’t hear us anyway.

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@elbanditoroso That didn’t make any sense.

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@Dutchess_III He’s saying she didn’t treat herself very well, and we’re just observing her life and decisions due to her death. It makes sense, but it’s just not on topic, lol.

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Half-mast flags in New Jersey? Mind-boggling. Media running Houston in the ground? Business as usual. Yes.

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Whitney Houston is a product, one that was carefully branded, packaged, and marketed just like Pepsi, Lays potato chips, or Star Wars. Whitney profited greatly from her product as did producers, promoters, record labels, studios, and magazine publishers. Now that she’s dead, those that stand to profit from the product are making one last rush to do so.

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In my opinion? Yes.

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I’m sad that she’s gone, but the media is completely going berserk with her story. It’s not as if she died for her country, or if she died saving some child from a burning building. She died because she had a drug problem and had been on a downward spiral for years. I don’t understand why celebrity deaths are publicized out the ass, when true heroes aren’t even mentioned on the news most of the time.

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WilWork, that is exactly my point. Its like she is being honored for being a drug addict.

I am sorry she died, do not get me wrong. She was a great talent, but like many other entertainers, the drugs will lead you to your grave and so it did here.

She knew she could not fight it anymore and ended it. I think her autoposy will show this.

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Nah, that’s the job of the gravedigger surely.

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Sorry – but is this really a question? That’s what they do; keep the tv and radio off and you don’t hear it.

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I didn’t really know anything about it. I usually read USA Today and haven’t seen anything other than city police are protecting the family during viewing. If USA flags are flying at half mast, I would say that is absurd.

I guess she’ll be in the ground soon enough—media or not.

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Another wealthy addict who killed themselves with prescription (and non prescription) drugs and alcohol. Too bad she didn’t get herself to a meeting and too bad she surrounded herself with enablers.

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Whitney Houston ran Whitney Houston into the ground.

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