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Best organic produce delivery service in San Francisco?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) May 22nd, 2008

My friends and I want to get a food box but we want it to be delivered to us. Which companies are the best?

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webvan. hahahahahaha

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Okay sorry. It seems like all instant delivery services go out of business really quick. Anyway, I know that Safeway has such a service and the do carry organic produce, but as for an exclusively “organic” produce delivery service, I really couldn’t tell you.

Any specific reason you can’t pick up food by your self?

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i can’t commit to being there at the right time to go get it. feels like a pain in the ass and i know i wouldn’t follow through. my schedule changes day to day and i really dont like to commit to something i probably can’t actually deal with.

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I’m very happy with Farm Fresh To You. You can try out their produce at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday.

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I subscibe to
I love them – and if you can get 3 other people in your office to sign up, they will deliver to your office in San Francisco so you don’t have to go anywhere to pick it up.

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I concur with occ. I’ve tried many of the produce delivery services, including farm fresh to you, terra firma farms, and eating with the seasons. Eating with the Seasons is the best because 1) they deliver to my office; 2) I get to choose what I want from that which is in season; 3) I can also order coffee, tea, local organic eggs, local organic meat; and 4) the quantity and quality of the food i get is consistently amazing. With Farm Fresh to You, in particular, I would get the same type of produce week after week and it would go bad in two days.

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Planet Organics for the local fresh stuff, total control unlike some of the box places where they pick for you.

I have a friend who uses Spud, their prices are lower on some things I checked but i haven’t used the service so I do not know about the quality of the produce.

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