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Is there anything I can do about my information coming up on Google?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42286points) February 17th, 2012

I was on a site called Minekey for a few months, several years ago. I was “Dutchess” on there too. One would assume that when you give your information, such as your real name, when you create an account, that that information will be protected. Well, obviously it is not because when I Googled myself there were some hits that came up for Minekey. It’s nothing horrific, nothing bad, but that just ain’t right.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of all of that trivial crap?

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Google will not help you with this. I think all you can do is to change your privacy settings on your Minekey account. If there is no option to prevent your personal information from appearing in a Google search, perhaps you could contact the Minekey people directly, and ask them to remove your information from their site – or you could replace the information in your profile with jibberish. I would guess that just closing the account would probably not be enough to prevent the information from being searchable.

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That was my thought but….I don’t remember my login… : (

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That’s too bad… I’m going to guess you’ve tried everything in terms of password recovery. Maybe Minekey could help you with that.

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I could be wrong, but here is a guess at what has happened.

When you create a website you usually create a text file called robots.txt, this will tell automatic bots (such as google) visiting the site what parts of the site to crawl and what ones not to crawl.

If you make a website that has a members only area, then you will want to make it so that robots.txt tells google not to list anything in the members area, so that you can’t bypass becoming a member.

This Minekey site you speak of probably has a “for your eyes only” part of the site that lists your personal details. For some reason, maybe an error in the robots.txt file, google has crawled and listed the part that is supposed to be for your eyes only.

If this is the case, then you are going to have to contact Minekey and alert them of the situation, and request that they manually remove you from the website.

If you put enough pressure on them by pestering enough it should be possible to get them to do it. Or who knows, maybe you will get luckey and they will remove it for you on the first try. That is really all I can say based on the info I have, if I could see some links to the problematic search results I could probably give a better answer.

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Guys…I was able to figure out my login! I went through about 7 possibilities, no luck. Then, out of desperation, just like you see on TV, I tried something So Obvious It Was Right In Front Of Me….and boom. I was in. I literally jumped (just a tiny bit) and I heard music (just like in the movies) and I went an looked around.

@poisonedantidote Thanks….I have to print that off. I did find one option…can’t tell you exactly what it was now, but I think it was similar to what you said, that I checked the opposite of what the default was. We’ll see. Thanks so much for your help guys.

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If you do make a change like that, how long does it take to propagate to the google search engine?

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Google’s results will show you the page as it is now – so ideally the effect is immediate. Whether the old information can be found using a cached search or something like Wayback will depend on Minekey’s security settings, I guess.

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