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How do you get the CD compartment to stop making loud Grrrrrrr sound?

Asked by flo (13313points) February 17th, 2012

1) it takes 2 or 3 tries to get it open to take out the CD.
2)Closing it (without a CD) makes it do a loud Grrrrrrrrrrrr sound, so either it has to be left open, or the power source has to be unplugged. Plugging it back, no change.
So, I suppose I have to ask the person who this happened to (she is not home for a while) to see if the same sound will occur with a CD in it, but in the meantime do you have a suggestions?

ADD: It is not on a computer, it is a stereo equipment.

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Pirating those CDs again, eh, @flo? Just kidding :-)

Anyway, unless it’s fairly new and worth bringing it for repair, I suggest that you replace the unit. One of these days, it’s going to do this with a CD in it and eat one of your CDs.

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I had an old LXI player that did that. Parts wear and the drawer will get stuck as well as other related parts. I had this player for maybe 23 years. In that time maybe at the 10 year mark give or take, I sent it to repair once to get a disk out. They replaced some things and it worked great for the longest time. But after maybe after 10 years passed ,same deal. There was no way I was going to try to have it fixed. They way I looked at it was it lasted so much longer than it should have by that point ,I thought it safe to assume it was going to be futile. I probably got in on some of the last of the high longevity electronics then and just accepted I needed new. It’s sad really we have low expectations of almost everything new and most of these warranties are hoop jumping exercises they may as well not include them. If you have anything that is old and still working right, keep it. You will have something of value.

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Every time this has happened to me (once on a computer, once on a car stereo system), the unit has been shot and needed replacing.

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Thank you all, you make sense.

@woodcutter no such thing as something that lasts 23 years though, sad. I was thinking of suggesting slapping it, just like we did with the picture “misworked” on the TV I wonder if there is anything nowadays where slapping would work

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@flo Yes the slap fix can work but not for long, and not on everything. Knowing how delicate things are, by the time I feel the need to slap it I have about written it off so if after the slap, it starts acting right I take it as a fluke and to some extent, a bit of anger release. This too was a CD player that was portable.The slap bailed me out maybe 5 or 8 times before it got slapped to death. Just don’t forget to get the disk out before tossing it. The tossing it into the bin, also thereaputic,and sad, so sad.

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@woodcutter I never knew it worked on other things. But I don’t think this thing is that old yet. And it is a radio, CD player, cassette player combo, so not it will around a while.

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I mean it wil be around for a while
Anyway, the problem seems intermittent.

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