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Do you think because we keep telling stories about violence that subconsciously it's justified to be involved in wars?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 17th, 2012

Do you catch my drift?

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Got me stumped. Who’s story telling, You mean Steven King?

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No, not at all. Justified? Hardly.

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I think that our fascination with violent conflict in fictional form is one of our ways of addressing existential angst. The stories are allegories of our struggle to maintain a sense of identity in the face of a world that’s antagonistic to that identity.

This is what Sartre was getting at when he said, “Hell is others”. When you perceive yourself as a little being defending a particular little niche of existence against the competing claims of others, you’ve created your own little hell.

One possible response to that situation is to attack the other. That’s the scenario we play out with our stories of violence. Another possible response is to attack the self—the nihilism of heroin or suicide, for example. Yet another approach is to question the validity of the whole self/other paradigm.

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No, people must stay focused on each individual situation and not the picture as a whole.

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Uh, no. We talk about rape, too.

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Yes. The effects of desensitization ( planned ) are self evident.
Although still problematic – thankfully.

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It’s in man’s nature to be violent, and I bet that this nature is certainly active in the subconscious, but the justifications we derive of our drive are just excuses that make us feel better about being a slave to whatever instinct we answer to.

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