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Sit or stand?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) May 22nd, 2008

Mtl zacks recent question inspired me to post a question ive been meaning to ask for some time.

When you wipe, are you sitting or standing?

It seems to be pretty split down the middle between the two but honestly when i stumbled on that page i was shocked to find out people stand.

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Sit. It spreads it for easy access and optimal wipage.

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stand. how would you feel if you got poop on your hand and then cooked a dinner for your entire family?

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to answer my own question im a sitter. I sit flat on the toilet during wipage though see the key is to lean slightly forward and to the left at a 45 degree angle thus spreading for optimal wipage like eambos said yet allowing for ample hand room so you dont get poo all over your hand.

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i sit but i remember one time at boy scout camp. they had a showerhouse. it had a big row of toilets without dividers. a big room with showers and no dividers also. i showered late at night by myself i hoped. i was using the john and i noticed this other kid standing up wiping. i was horrified. i asked him what he was doing and he told me thats the way his daddy taught him. doesnt standing up cause the brown to squish everywhere making the task twice as hard? i mean sitting spreads the cheeks standing mashes them together.

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Im a sitter.

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sit. And wash hands, then cook dinner.

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I just don’t poop anymore. It’s so much easier.

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I just hold it all in. I refuse to be a slave to my bowels.

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Ew. This is a question my boyfriend would ask if he was on fluther. :-/ haha.

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Typical guy question!

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@TheHaight but im already on fluther ;)

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I can’t stand sitting.

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haha! Oh Uber.

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This question cracks me up. Ugh. I am disgusted at my own joke.

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I shit, sorry sit.

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My mind was blown when I first (not to long ago) heard that some people stand to wipe their ass. It just one those thing that you don’t realize someone could do differently.

I personally think it’s disgusting. When you stand and wipe you are bringing the pooh out the plane of toilet. The pooh (and butt) must remain in or less then 1 (one) inch above the bowl.
Pooh should never, not by any means ever, be outside the pooh safety sanitation zone)

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Since I have lost weight, I wipe sitting down. It is much easier, and works out to be much cleaner for me. I used to wipe standing, for most of my life.

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