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Can you identify a song for me: Blue Ribbon Of Gold?

Asked by Kate_Walker (12points) February 19th, 2012

I heard the song sometimes in my travels over the past few days. The funny thing is I don’t remember where. It could have been on the radio, the TV, in a store, coming from a passing car. I know I heard it recently, but I just can’t remember where.

It wasn’t a country song, but the duet of female singers had a slight “country twang” to their voices. And it had a fairly slow tempo. The lyrics I remember include, ” was a blue ribbon of gold, a blue ribbon mountain of skin…” I know those lyrics sound nonsensical, but I heard them quite clearly.

So can someone here identify this song for me please?

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Could it have been Gillian Welch, “I Dream a Highway”? Beautiful song.

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Thank you. That’s a beautiful song but that’s not it. The lyrics are similar, amazingly similar, but not the same, I heard what I heard very clearly. And the tempo wasn’t that slow, the song I heard was a little faster than that. But you’re on the right track, very similar song, freaky similar. +1 for you!

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