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Do dentures change the shape of your face?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9847points) February 19th, 2012

This question is brought on by Whitney Houston, who had to wear dentures after 13 years of smoking cocaine. Her once gorgeous teeth rotted and she had to wear dentures.

To me, her face didn’t look the same after that.

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Yes. Not always, but usually yes.

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In fairness to denture manufacturers and dentists, it’s not the dentures that change the shape of your face. It’s the loss of the roots of the original teeth that affect the shape of your upper jaw. The lower jaw is all bone, so the roots of those teeth interact with that bone, and the dentures can replace the shape and mass of the original teeth. The upper jaw is made of softer bone, and the roots of those teeth are longer. Dentures won’t replace the lost root mass.

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Not with my mother or father. They were a perfect match that no one could tell.

The drugs is what made her face swell and appear different.

Cocaine and Meth will destroy the enamel of a humans teeth and then they rot.

Another reason not to get addicted to illegal drugs.

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@john65pennington I have seen others who had no issues with drugs and their faces changed. I am agreeing with @CWOTUS on this one.

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It’s not the dentures themselves that change the shape of your face but the fact that jaw bone receeds due to the lack of teeth roots.

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Mama Cakes, I answered a similiar question last month, concerning what illegal drugs do to a human body. Here is basically the same answer.

For about ten years, one of our vice squad officers began keeping a dated photo image of a very pretty 18 year old girl, addicted to meth. Just about each year, she was arrested for some crime, and again photographed. The lineup of her photographs were un believable. In ten years, she aged at least 30 years. She lost all of her teeth and her face went from thin and pretty to swollen and ugly. Mixing of various drugs will do this.

I wil say this, ill-fitting dentures can also cause this problem, according to my mothers dentist.

With Whitney Houstons money, I cannot believe she did not have the best dentist and dentures that money could buy.

If so, the only other assumption were the mix of drugs she was taking.

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