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What is your take on couples who wear identical shirts?

Asked by soulrhapsody (70points) February 20th, 2012

would you do something cheesy like that?

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My partner and I have similar tastes in work shirts and we occasionally find that we’ve inadvertently dressed almost alike. I wouldn’t do it purposefully though.

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Hey, so long as they’re happy.
If the wife & I ever find ourselves wearing matching wooly cardigans with goats/sheep on them, then i’ll happily shoot us both.

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Meh. If they’re not hurting anyone, who cares?

Would I do it? Maybe.

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When I was young, a good friend of mine had parents that would walk around with matching ridiculous tourist sweatshirts, like “Myrtle Beach”. I remember being just shocked and disgusted by the whole embarrassing thing. Now that I’m older, I look back at that couple with complete respect and awe. They weren’t wearing “Myrtle Beach” sweatshirts as much as “we’re a team, we’re in love, and we don’t give a shit what you think” sweatshirt. The guy died recently, and it makes me sad to think about her wearing one half of one of those ridiculous matching outfits.

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My Parent’s do this all time, makes for easier identification in a crowd?

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My husband and I have the same t-shirts, but we never dressed alike unless it was to staff a booth for a volunteer effort.

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Once, I broke up with a guy during the fall when it was still jacket weather. In early winter, we met over coffee to return various items that we’d left at each other’s houses. In the time period that we were alone, the weather had gotten cold and we both went out and bought new coats. Identical coats. Neither of us had any idea that the other had the coat.

So here we are in an awkward and tense situation. His new girlfriend was extremely jealous and came along for the transaction. We were in a bookstore and people passed us by saying “Awww look at the cute couple with their matching coats! That’s so sweet!”

It was too awkward for words.

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My wife tells me that dressing alike is SO 70s.

We rarely do this.

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I would do it.

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I think it’s cute and kinda dorky. Love does things like that to you.

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My partner and I wouldn’t do it.

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I think it is ridiculous. It means one of them can’t dress them (him) self.

I once went on an organized bicycle tour of Vermont. On the trip was a honeymooning couple, and they wore identical clothing the whole time. It got a bit nauseating, and the consensus of the rest of us was that HE would be under her thumb the rest of his life.

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OH god absolutely not. I can’t think of a reason why two people would want to do that. Makes me think of the Duggars. I hate them.

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@zenvelo I think the O.P means in a fun or joking kind of way and not that they really can’t choose their own style of clothing.

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My hubby has been asking me to match shirts and…tattoos. He thinks it’s cute. At this point in my life a tattoo is not going to touch my body. Ditto the identical t-shirt. But I do get why he wants to.

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@Keep_on_running The OP doesn’t mention anything related to that one way or the other. And while some people see it as cute or dorky, I don’t, and see it more as one person who can’t choose his own clothing. And I see women dictating this much more than a man; the women I know would not wear anything chosen by their husbands.

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It terrifies me!

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@zenvelo I just didn’t think when reading the tags “love”, “dating”, “cheesy” etc. that meant underlying controlling, ”under the thumb” issues. I’m not on some defending crusade of couples wearing the same shirts – I’ve never done it – but, I don’t think we can assume such things about the man or woman in that situation.

I’m probably creating a storm in a tea cup here…so sorry about that.

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Let people do what they want. Personally, I wouldn’t.

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My husband thought that we should get matching shirts or sweaters.
Go back up and look at @downtide ‘s link.
That is most likely what he had in mind, and I’m not kidding.
He got angry when I said no, I didn’t want to wear matching shirts. He accused me of not wanting to be seen as part of a couple, with him.
I wonder if one of you could get through to him?

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It’s adorable when really old couples do it, otherwise, I am not a fan.

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Gag. I see it at Disneyland all the time. Sometimes my wife and I will choose similar outfits without knowing about it. One of us always changes.

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Depending on the couple, it can range from weird to cute.

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I think it’s a sign that they don’t really care what other people think of them wearing the same shirt. It’s awesome.

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Augh! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. I probably worked hard to burn it out of my memory. Before my stepdad had a massive heart attack and now takes medication that doesn’t allow him to be in the sun, he and my mom used to be really into tandem biking.

The tandem biking crowd can be extremely hokey. They used to wear identical matching bike suits. From the helmet to the bike shoes with those stupid cleat things in the bottom that rabid bikers wear that weld their feet to the place where pedals should be, they were a perfect match. Bike suits look really dorky. Two people in matching suits are even worse. And men should be banned from wearing bike shorts in the first place. It covers so much, yet leaves so little to the imagination. ULP!

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Hubby and I were just wearing matching T shirts yesterday. :-)

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I frequently buy matching shirts for my husband and I to wear. We love wearing matching T-shirts when we are traveling, and at the grocery store.

I bought matching animal hats for my Grandson and his girl, and for hubby and I I think they are adorable.

On two occasions, I have bought 14 matching shirts for the whole family to wear at our family reunion/February birthday celebration. We used to get together in February because 5 members have their birthdays in Feb (I just missed by two days), and the December birthday boys got a chance to have a real party too, instead of combined with Xmas.

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Only when we’re on the same softball team.

We don’t play softball.

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When my family would go to Disneyland, we would all dress alike, in loudly colored shirts. It made it easier to keep track of the kids, and for people to recognize that we were together.

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Wouldn’t think of it myself. The only time I try to influence what my husband wears is for a special occasion, and even then my success rate isn’t very high. I’m doing well if I can get us to look like we’re going to the same event instead of one of us (not saying which one) in faded jeans and a plaid flannel shirt and the other in a dress and heels and gemstone earrings.

When I see others dressed to match, I guess I think it looks a little precious, but it’s not worth a lot of my attention.

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CHEESY is what came to mind and I laughed when I saw that that was also your sentiment.

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@Jeruba Since you’re not saying which one, I hope you’re happy he wears a dress and heels and gemstone earrings just for you.

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@zenvelo my husband will not get dressed for an occasion, without my help in choosing his clothes. I wish that he would. I find it tedious enough choosing my own clothes, I really don’t want the chore of choosing his as well.
Somehow he believes that it’s part of my job as his wife, to tell him what to wear when the occasion calls for more that jeans and a denim or flannel shirt.

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@wilma You could always let him show up in jeans and flannel shirt, and let the feathers fall where they may.

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