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What're some delicious pancake toppings?

Asked by ScurvyChamp (370points) February 20th, 2012

With Shrove Tuesday coming up, I was wondering how you enjoy your pancakes! I normally eat them with sugar and lemon, but last year we smothered them with nutella and that was good.

I know the American pancakes are sometimes what I’d consider to be drop scones, which are erally nice with resh cream and maple syrup.

How do you enjoy your pancakes, and what would you reccomend other people try? :0)

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I like putting butter or margarine and syrup on them…

Blueberries go well with pancakes…

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This is not technically a topping, although I suspect it could be: bacon. When I was a kid we used to occasionally go to a breakfast joint that had “bacon pancakes”. They mixed in real crumbled bacon into the batter.

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strawberry marmelade.
pure sugar

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Smuckers Strawberry Jam, warmed in the microwave with butter and poured in between and on top of each pancake.

Nothing better!

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I love bananas in the pancake itself, butter and maple syrup slathered on top! Mmmm! The first time I had banana pancakes was in Key West at a little tiny diner. I think the setting and mood of the day made it my new favorite way to have pancakes.

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Pumpkin Pancakes with Hot Cider Syrup—- YUMMM.

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Bacon and eggs over easy, a dollop of maple syrup. Stick with the basics.

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I really like butter and honey on mine.

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This is when I love being Dutch :)
Bacon or cheese pancakes (You can’t handle the truth) go well with treacle (Dutch treacle, not sure if it’s different other places) and regular pancakes are like milkshakes which you eat and are warm (Think strawberry,vanilla,chocolate etc.). When we make smaller ones (a normal dutch pancake being at least 10” (so small as to bring shame on the entire family of the chef xD)) we put raisins or pieces of apple in and those pancakes are amazing with powdered sugar. You can put ice cream on pancakes and they will somehow still be delicious but it’s not very practical. Once when I was 8 or 9 we went to a restaurant which primarily serves pancakes for dinner (yeaaaaaah) and I put these on there:
sprinkles which taste like actual fruit (but mostly sugar)
chocolate flakes

then I added some powdered sugar and treacle and I tasted the face of sugar. Don’t do this at home.

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@Zyx Are you talking about what we call “Dutch Babies” which puff up and are really, really good? They’re a big treat. I like them with fresh fruit and powdered sugar.
On plain old American pancakes, I like butter, cottage cheese and blueberry syrup.

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There is only one topping for pancakes: real maple syrup. And if you’re a snob like me, only grade A fancy maple syrup will do.

I find it humorous that people like the Grade B stuff better. I wonder what they would think if they knew what made the syrup that color.

It’s funny how people think eating insects and grubs and slugs and whatnot is really gross. If they only knew. If they only knew what makes B grade syrup so dark.

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Nope, Dutch seems to mean German in this context and wikipedia
says that those things are pretty much American.

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I prefer savory toppings. Ham, onions and cheese.

I mourn the loss of Manchester’s “Dutch Pancake House”.

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Strawberries and whipped cream

Boysenberry syrup

Butter and marmalade

Chopped pecans and maple syrup

Syrup made with melted butter and orange juice, with some chopped macadamia nuts (or with fresh pineapple bits)

Ricotta cheese and strawberry preserves

Crumbled feta cheese, orange marmalade and some chopped fresh mint leaves

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Peanut butter, mini chocolate chips and maple syrup.

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Now I have to try peanut butter ._.

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