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Why do I have an aversion to leftover food?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) February 20th, 2012

Okay. So I’m pregnant. That’s probably a good reason why I’m having food aversions in the first place. But this particular aversion is really strange.

I’m not talking about eating leftovers from a few days ago. I will eat something for dinner and be fine. Then I’ll eat it for breakfast and puke all day. It’s the same whether the meal is made at home or ordered from a restaurant.

All kinds of food that I don’t normally have an averson to.
American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean…
Meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, dairy, grains…
Spicy, bland…all of it. Barf.

It’s not morning sickness. I’m in my second trimester.
I make sure to reheat everything thoroughly.
On the stovetop and in the microwave.

Does food break down that much over a few hours?
What exactly does my body think is a threat?
(Assuming that is the root of why pregnant women have food aversions.)

Has anyone else had this problem?
If so, how did you deal with it?

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Why do you say it’s not morning sickness? You can have morning sickness your whole pregnancy, hell people have all day sickness their entire pregnancies sometimes. Most women do get relief after the first trimester, but not everyone. Some women never have a day of nausea when pregnant.

I recommend you eat something in the morning less difficult to digest like toast, and save the leftovers for a little later in the day.

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It’s entirely possible that it could still be “morning sickness”. With my first daughter, I threw up almost every single day for the entire 9 months. There were only three “foods” that I could always hold down and everything else made me sick. Especially leftovers and meats.

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Did you try going all fresh made food to see if you can keep that down?

Leftovers are… well… leftovers. Not new. Usually not as good. I’d pay attention to my body if I were you.

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Only prepare enough food that will be consumed at one meal.

Then, leftover will not be a problem.

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Second trimester? They way you worded this, it sound’s to me like you’re still trying to eat 3 meals per day.

One, I think you should eat smaller meals more often. Do not eat leftovers. They are clearly not working for you. Eat fresh foods.

Two, this still would be considered morning sickness. Many women, like @WillWorkForChocolate noted above, are ill they entire pregnancy.

Three, your digestive system hasn’t changed size. It’s still all in there, plus the baby. You have less room. Often, women (including myself) digest foods very slowly during pregnancy. If you are eating the same size meal you were eating pre-pregnancy, it may literally be too much for you to handle at one sitting.

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@JLeslie, @WillWorkForChocolate, @SpatzieLover
Whoops. The way I worded the details was kind of misleading. Sorry about that. My aversion to leftovers happens all day long. Getting sick after breakfast was just one example. Another reason why I don’t think it’s morning sickness is that I only get sick after eating leftovers (any time of day). Plus I didn’t have morning sickness during my first trimester to begin with.

@JLeslie and @SpatzieLover Yeah, I think eating smaller simpler meals would help with my general digestion. Ahem, gas. Lots of gas But the quantity (small) or type (simple) of leftovers doesn’t matter. Just a few bites could make me nauseous for hours.

@wundayatta and @SpatzieLover I’ve cut out leftovers from my diet. But I still find the aversion itself to be really peculiar. I’m trying to pay attention to what my body is telling me. But what is it telling me?

My last pregnancy, I craved meat (iron), orange juice (folic acid) and peaches (Vitamin A, etc.). And I had an aversion to the smell of coffee (caffeine) and cooked bell peppers (low levels of toxins that are fine normally). Totally makes sense! This aversion leaves me a bit baffled.

@john65pennington Often easier said than done. I often find myself over-eating just so I won’t have any leftovers. Not the best feeling when you’re already feeling stuffed.

Plus I feel bad about putting my husband on leftover-duty.

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@fluthernutter The term “morning sickness” is misleading. Some women do only get ill in the AM during pregnancy with morning sickness due to high estrogen levels. However, some women have morning sickness symptoms all day long. Usually, the symptoms taper off mid-day.

If you have lots of gas, and you are vomiting, you need to tell your doctor. This could be a symptom of an inflamed gallbladder.

Cut out oils and spicy foods and see if this symptoms subside.

Have you tried the B-natal lollipops, or just asked your doctor for a B6 supplement? It helped a bit for me.

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@SpatzieLover I don’t think it’s morning sickness. I actually had evening sickness my first triemester and that has since subsided. Hooray!

If I were vomiting all the time, I’d ask my doctor. But it really only seems to coincide with eating leftovers.

My doctor did suggest B6 for my evening sickness during my first trimester.

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What type of leftovers? Are they fried?

I’ve had a gallbladder issue since the end of my pregnancy (6yrs ago). Inflammation does not equate to vomiting all the time. Vomiting occurs after eggs, oils, fried foods, dairy, (which I almost never am exposed to)…basically anything rich.
FYI: for me- soy, nuts, and high fiber foods can also exacerbate the issue

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@SpatzieLover Any type of leftover! That’s what’s so bizarre about all of this.

After my first trimester, I can now pretty much eat any type of food—so long as it’s fresh.

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If you’re not recognizing a pattern, then I suggest you keep a food journal. Note what you eat & how it makes you feel.

<fingers crossed> I hope you feel better soon.


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