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How would you grade yourself for 2011 with Q @ A on Fluther?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) February 20th, 2012

2011 was a terrific year for some people and no so good for others. Speaking specifically for users of Fluther, how would you grade yourself for the questions you asked and the answers you gave? We all tend to pat ourselves on the back, so you are on the honor system. For me, 2011 was a year of typos and beating down illegal immigrants. I am attempting to improve both for 2012. Question: on Fluther, was 2011 a good year for you or was another year on Fluther better and why?

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I’ve had better.

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I gave myself a C+

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In my Greatest Questions tab, from the ten highest rated ones, eight were from 2011 and two were asked in 2010.
2010 = 7.9
2011 = 8
2012 so far = 1,40804597

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Due to an extreme excess of free time in 2011, I spent more time on Fluther than I probably ever will again…so I gotta say A.

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Being an adult means I don’t have to get grades any more. :-)

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I’m glad you’re coming around on the immigrants thing.

I think I am slowly improving at letting assholes who are wrong just be assholes who are wrong instead of trying to argue with everyone.

I asked some great questions, gave some great answers.


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D-, the usual. I’m pretty consistent. Almost failing and somehow managing to survive.

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“Fucking awesome”, as usual.

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Milo here; I have been consistently brilliant. It’s a pity that Gail didn’t have me edit her more often; she was pretty dreary.

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Questions: D
I only asked a couple, and they were mediocre.

Answers: B-
I answer a lot, which is good. Wit and whimsy seem to be intact, and I can be serious when needed. My passion level has dropped considerably though. I used to commit more to debates – now I’m more apathetic. Little more detached.

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Questions, I would have to say a D
Answers, I really have no clue. I’m very much confused about it. Some I think I was being fair and balanced and I found others didn’t think so, and some I thought I was being a bit stubborn and others seem to like those. So I would have no idea on how to grade myself.
Some of my worse answers where late at night. When I would read them the next day, I would be amazed when people understood what I meant. I would re-read them and swear I must’ve been drunk because some thoughts would be half finished or misspelled. That is why, I now won’t give an answer to a serious question really late at night any longer. Or I at least try not too. After midnight, my brain becomes a pumkin.

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(^^pumpkin—and it is 12:40 EST, I see.)

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Questions: D

Answers: C+

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Mere mortal letters and numbers can’t grade me.

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@XOIIO Letters and numbers are immortal.

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@bob_ But the letters and numbers you mortals comprehend are simply thus, the truly immortal means of communication understood by the very subconciousness of all beings is the only thing that can describe anything of my existance. As it is it’s a painfull chore to type this so you can comprehend it.

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@XOIIO Sure it is, son. Sure it is.

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@bob_ I see you do not yet know that I am the father of all, you, your picture, and the binary code that ecapsulates your opinion at the very core of the computer you use.

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But for the moral and intellectual shortcomings of everyone else here, my contributions would be acknowledged as the very best.

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@gailcalled LOL, see what I mean. Not even a regular pumpkin, more like I got ran over by the horses.

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I was pleased with 2011. I had a good time and relaxed a bit. Lost some of my self-consciousness.

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99.93% of my ?‘s are like a passing fart, gone with the wind.
Therefore I shall pass on this because I can’t bloody remember any of them.

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B and a + for effort. I’ve made 3 accounts so far. It’s tough hanging with the veterans that is for sure. But one day I will be a moderator. All my sentences from here on out will be ultra punctual.

At first I thought people would really get in-depth during a Social question. Then 2 accounts later I realized there’s so many cynics that I gave up on it cause social gets out of control, yet I like that it can go off tangents. I feel not a lot of opinions and thoughtful discussions can ever be found in the General section, because only in Social I feel answers can evolve and users can interact without being, “definite” about an answer. But of course, Social is home of the free for all :( but mostly :)

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I apparently rant a lot and am not even aware of it. So I guess, not so hot! I am going to try harder not to rant from here on!

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“I think I am slowly improving at letting assholes who are wrong just be assholes who are wrong instead of trying to argue with everyone.”

I need to try that.

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I spent most of my time at the back of the class, which is just slightly better than detention hall. Given my lack of interaction on most topics, I’d give myself a solid D.

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@rooeytoo No. Please. Rant on! We need more of your rants, not fewer!

@Mama_Cakes Instead of arguing with “assholes who are wrong,” why don’t you de-assholize them? (there should be a word for that—I imagine a team like Ghost Busters running around with de-assholization equipment).

@picante Dude! Detention Hall ain’t that bad. You should come over some times.

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On the plus side:

I do put a lot of effort into the few answers I crank out. I hope that shows.

I also “play well with others”; no schoolyard brawls, if I can help it.

Points deducted for:

Not contributing much to the supply of interesting questions (I really don’t pull my weight in the asking department).

I also don’t contribute much to the social fabric of the community; I rarely participate in the party or game threads, never visit the chat, don’t PM or banter much. This probably makes me seem detached and frosty. I actually care a great deal for the whole gang; I’m just lousy at showing it.

I’m often a bit over-the-top with answers. A lot of them are just too, too, too…..

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@thorninmud Which all probably brings you down to A- because of the quality of the answers you do give. But I’m sure Buddhists are not grade grubbers. :-)

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@thorninmud: From where I sit, you earn your position consistently as Jr. Phi Bet. (You’re one of the thirteen reasons I hang out here.)

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I made it to the 10K Mansion… (gives self high five)

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I made it to 20K. Which was nice.

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I made it to 30K. Nice wish.

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