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Is there anything you can do regarding a racist comment clearly directed towards you?

Asked by raven860 (2171points) February 21st, 2012

As in on a social networking website such as Facebook.

And you have either a picture or an email notification with the exact comment written in it.

Can anything be done legally? Does it qualify as something under Libel/Slander?

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Report it to facebook and block whoever did it.

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@raven860: “Can anything be done legally?”

I sure hope not. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not cool with racism, but how exactly is that libel or slander? And do you really want to limit free speech because some idiot said something that you found offensive?

Like @Fiddle said – contact Facebook.

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If it’s a personal comment made on your page or a friend’s page, no. If they started a group or a fan page devoted to racial remarks, then yes, you can report that and it will (in theory) be taken down. But you can defriend them, so you don’t have to see that crap again.

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I apologize for all the racist idiots in the world. Neanderthals still live among us. Consider the source.

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I would say Hate speech ( especially racist remarks) can’t qualify under Freedom of speech…especially under certain circumstances. They typically are illogical and represent nothing but hostility and threats.

If we were to consider racist remarks freedom of speech then discrimination based on race would be Freedom of expression.

I can see some of the issues that might come up if racist comments were considered illegal or Act of hate (isnt that illegal- would an action such as leaving a racist comment not qualify?)
I should make a question to discuss this issue.

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@raven860: “I should make a question to discuss this issue.”

Good idea.

@raven860: “If we were to consider racist remarks freedom of speech then discrimination based on race would be Freedom of expression.”

I’d love to see how you make this connection.

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If they threaten you or a class of people in any way, then yes: they can get into legal trouble.

If they’re just expressing an opinion (regardless how offensive that opinion is) that’s protected freedom of speech, legally. But Facebook can remove the comment and ban the user who sent it.

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It only happened once to me here on Fluther more than a year ago. One Jelly hated me and said so openly because I was German. It always hurts. What can be done in such circumstances is thinking of the thousands of other people who are kind and fair and caring and helpful and compassionate toward others. A Fluther moderator deleted the posts. End of story. I’m not sure how this works on Facebook, though.

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