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How do you make time for your partner?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) February 21st, 2012

With today’s schedules and hustle and bustle, how do stay attentive to your partner, especially if they want to spend more time with you? Time that seems to be unavailable?

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I let her out of her cage whenever I want to spend time with her (or if just use her body for my carnal pleasure).

Mods, this is a totally serious answer.

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Its not about the quanity of time. Often its more about the quality. I think we both like it when it seems we are playing hookie from responsibility for just a few moments and not have it scheduled or planned out. Just wing it every once in a while. Put the world on halt like you did when you first met.

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This has never been an issue for me. Maybe it’s because I am very sensitive about knowing what my schedule is going to look like (work, school, home, friends, my love). I arrange my schedule so that we have some time to hang out, or lose a little sleep so that we can spend extra time together. Sometimes I will spend more time on our relationship than studying. It’s necessary to keep my spirits up.

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That’s a hard one, but what it boils down to for us is that the hustle and bustle is an integral part of what it means to be a partner. Sure, it would be great if life were an endless stream of romantic dinners and walks on the beach. However, the reality is in today’s world there is just to much to accomplish for anyone to do it alone, and this is especially true when you have kids. It is that day to day teamwork that really defines the partnership, plus it makes the occasional stolen moment for some “us” time even more special.

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My husband and I are very open with each other when we feel like we need more time together. If one of us feels we need more time together, we simply tell the other and then we try to figure something out. Usually it means finding someone to watch our kids so we can go out and have lunch/dinner together and just spend some time as a couple instead of as mom/dad. We both feel as though some of our other obligations (school, housework, etc) can be put on hold so that we can focus on us.

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It’s not typically a problem for us to make time for each other. Even when he’s working incredibly late, we still spend a few minutes together when he gets home, talking about our days and snuggling.

We will occasionally mention wanting more time together, so we’ll arrange for one of our parents to keep the kiddos so we can go on a “date” or even escape for a while weekend together. We also talk or text on the phone, all through the day, just to check in with each other and see how the day is going.

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I try and go to dinner at least once a week or invite him over for dinner. Also we talk on the phone a lot or Skype. Our work schedules are different, I work during the day and he works at night. But we try and see each other when we can. Also making sure the person knows you miss them is always nice too.

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Pick up the phone and call them even if you leave a voice message. It matters.

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I can relate….sometimes its hard for even married people to do no more than sleep next to each other then leave…sometimes without a goodbye or kiss. I find that leaving messages, sending flowers, and giving a time when you expect a break from work so you can call your partner is a good thing. Relationships are hard sometimes in the best circumstances…yet if the want is there for the both of you then you will both work to find the time for each other. Its that simple.

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