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What is up with this weather/earth?

Asked by autumnofage (465points) May 22nd, 2008

I know this isn’t thought provoking, well I guess It could turn into one, but seriously. Bunch of tornado’s in the south, now one in Colorado and Southern California, Fires all over FL and in Ca, cyclone in Myanmar etc. Crazy

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Oh, I thought you were going to lead into a really cheesy joke…

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haha nope, sorry…youre more then welcome to make one though!

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it’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine.

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Here in Sacramento we’ve turned into the windy city. This used to have calm conditions but now we have string breezes nearly everyday. We had the worst wind storm since the 1950’s in January and the last two days we had more. Still pretty windy today.

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Can you say Glo-bal Warm-ing?

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AstroChuck: Being from Davis, I know what you mean. And what was with the temperatures over the past week and a half? 80s for a few days, a weekend of 100–110, and then mid 70s?

Marina: Definitely!

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“Tornado” in Laramie, WY: This is not normal. We are shocked.

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@Astro..this wind is horrible, I’m in the valley too. UGH

@Marina….I’ve heard that some meteorologists are saying that Global Warming wouldn’t effect the hurricanes/tornadoes that have been hitting the south pretty bad this year. I’ll do some looking when I wake up a bit :)

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@autumnofage From USA Today

By Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer
WASHINGTON — As the world warms, the USA will face more severe thunderstorms with deadly lightning, damaging hail and the potential for tornadoes, a trailblazing study by NASA scientists suggests.

While other research has warned of broad weather changes on a large scale, like more extreme hurricanes and droughts, the new study predicts even smaller events like thunderstorms will be more dangerous because of global warming.

The basic ingredients for whopper U.S. inland storms are likely to be more plentiful in a warmer, moister world, said lead author Tony Del Genio, a NASA research scientist.

And when that happens, watch out.

“The strongest thunderstorms, the strongest severe storms and tornadoes are likely to happen more often and be stronger,” Del Genio said in an interview Thursday from his office at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. The paper he co-authored was published online this month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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It’s all one big debate, as always. I’m also finding that some scientists from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are saying;
“One of the ways that global warming could reduce hurricanes is by increasing upper-level winds—known as wind shear—that can inhibit hurricane formation, said lead author Thomas Knutson.

The study also suggests that hurricane winds could increase by about 2 percent, and rainfall within 30 miles (48 kilometers) of a hurricane’s center could increase by 37 percent.”
(found at National Geographic and a few other such sites)

Basically believing the number of hurricanes could decrease but the ones we have could be a bit bigger

I don’t study weather so I don’t know. Guess we get to just wait and see.

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That we will, and hold on it could be a wild weather ride.

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