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What makes you snicker like a 12 year old boy?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) February 21st, 2012

I was reading this science article today and couldn’t control my snickering when I read the phrase “bigger than Earth but smaller than Uranus.”

I just couldn’t help it. No matter how sophisticated I pretend to be, just about any sentence with “Uranus” in it cracks me up. And I’m still trying to imagine a situation that would come up where I could use the exact phrase I just mentioned in a “your mama” style put-down even though I never tell jokes like that.

So I’ve got to know if any other mature folk out there here have to stifle giggles or snickers at things that are totally juvenile.

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Seemingly everything on Fluther this morning. I’m in one of my “I was raised around boys” phases and see double entendres everywhere.

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As I’m relatively new to having testosterone raging through my bloodstream, my sense of humour seems to have devolved to that of an adolescent boy, and any mention of the word “cock”, even when related to poultry, will make me giggle.

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^^ And Cock a Leekie Soup

And anything that has to do with having a wide stance or hiking the Appalachian trail. Politicians come up with so many silly euphemisms for screwing around, you just have to laugh.

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Spotted Dick pudding.
The American clothing brand Dickies.
Cocktails always brings a smile to my face.
Willy Wonka.

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@MilkyWay Don’t forget about Dickie Birds

And Pontoon boats (which always make me think of the word poontang)

And those other little birds called Tits and Boobies

And these dear little Dik Dik’s

And Anthony Weiner

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A perfectly timed “that’s what she said”.

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I know…sic

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@SuperMouse My SO does those so well, in the most subtle of ways, that I often spit milk out of my nose : ) He has a gift.

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A well placed “your mom” joke.

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The Call of Duty
Do your duty! ewwww, doodie.

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Oh, tons of things! Mostly pictures of people taken in mid-conversation.

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My brother recently proposed that we start pronouncing “poop” like “co-op.” Po-op. Haven’t stopped snickering about that.

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How are toilet paper and the Starship USS Enterprise alike? They both circle Uranus knocking off Klingons.

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You know those word magnets for your fridge that you can form sentences with? Which often end up being haikus or dirty phrases. Man those things make me feel like a 12 year old boy. Or, some of them just don’t make any sense but in a way that I find so hilarious. Like “let the egg pound”, “puppy suit”, “who put enormous tongues in my bed?”, “Crush her and beat it”, “Blow your mother.” I feel very juvenile typing these out lol.

I also really enjoy using “your mom”‘s in everyday ways. Do you have a pen? No I don’t but I believe your mom has several.

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To have my balls fondled. :)

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snickering! At this thread!!

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Fart noises never fail to make me laugh.

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^^Same here. About four months ago, I had anal surgery. The doctor said there would be side effects, one of which the muscle movement down there could alter permanently. My immediate thought was, oh shit, uncontrolled crap droppings?!

Fortunately, no. What happened was the surgery changed the way my farts sound! Before it was like Mozart whistling a happy tune. Now however, it’s like a Harley revving up for a race. Lol.

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Drawing mustaches and monobrows on pictures of people.

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– butt cracks at baseball games
– toilet paper on someone’s shoe when they walk out of a bathroom,
– a girl’s skirt tucked into the back of her nylons

Today on The View they showed the 1st Gentleman of Finland coping a look at Princess Mary of Denmark’s clevage <snicker, snicker>

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@SpatzieLover ”– toilet paper on someone’s shoe when they walk out of a bathroom,”

Oh my gosh, I did this last year at a movie theatre. I was about 20 metres out of the bathroom when in the corner of my eye I see this flicker of white on the dark background of the floor. I looked down and pulled it off. So embarrassing as there were people behind me. I constantly look at my shoes now whenever I’m in public.

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I was the one snickering behind you. Did you hear me?

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Lol, no, my nervous chatter after was too loud.

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Open barn doors cause bouts of snickering.

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@mazingerz88 uncontrolled crap droppings..

That made me snicker like a 12 year old boy!!!

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Identifying scat.

okay, okay, now you know to which thread my scat answer belonged.

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@linguaphile Liked it as much over there!

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I snickered like a 12yr old boy when I read it on the other thread, if that counts :D

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