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If you knew you were going to die in 60 seconds, and you were allowed to write one last message to leave behind, what would you write?

Asked by lastwords2012 (63points) February 21st, 2012

This is a serious question and needs serious answers. I’m posting this question on various websites to gather information as a study on human nature for my thesis project. If you’re interested in seeing some other responses of other participants, visit the Last Words facebook page.

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I would write that Candlejack is about to abdu

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I’d list who I want to take care of which pets.

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I did the best that I could. No regrets. I love you all very much.

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“oops. Looks like prayer didn’t work after all”

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Bank account info. and beneficiary info. in my desk, take care of the pets, if you can’t find excellent homes for them then euthanize them. Take care, it’s been a fun journey. Goodbye. lol

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Love your all and I’m sorry I couldn’t say more. Don’t have a lot of time. This is really messed up and make sure someone takes the dog out for a walk every day. Pray for my soul. I’ll need it. :(

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It was a wonderful life full of joys. Many thanks! Time to go…

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“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…..., bye!”

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Whew! What an experience. I’ve enjoyed my stay and wish you all well. Keep me in your heart. All my love….

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It’s been wonderful… I love you.

I think it would help my parents and fiance find peace.

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I’m not sad, and you shouldn’t be either. Despite everything, I will die loving you. I just wish you could have been here to say the same to me. Farewell.

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I love (insert the names of husband, sons, one sister here) and my entire family.


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I would go with this: link

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I left a vast treasure in gold ingots, carefully hoarded over a lifetime of pirating. The map to its location is in the…. GAHHGHGHGH!!!!

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I’d write as complete a description of the guy who handed me the piece of paper that I could get down in 60 seconds. That way, it would be easier to convict him of killing me.

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I’ll be back and I would list my digital assets and passwords, my real name and the big secret that I was keeping from everyone.

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I would draw a quick sketch of myself flipping everyone off.

Dammit, @ragingloli you can’t say Candlejack, everyone knows wha

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I don’t know that I’d have the presence of mind to write something upon hearing I had a mere 60 seconds to live. I’d probably just lie back and embrace the experience. If I were to write anything, it would be the passwords to online banking/investment accounts to assist my heirs.

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Hey, sorry for the surprise but my time’s up. It wasn’t suicide but anyway… I care for you deeply [Redacted], don’t do anything stupid. Maybe another life, right? Toodle lee doo and adieu.

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I’m glad the ride is finally over, wish it had been sooner. To my closest family members I may be tempted to leave a “password” to use if I can make contact from the other side. I know I probably won’t, but just in case!

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Despite my rants against many people, I want to say that I love you all very much and wish you the best. Be kind to my husband and children, since they were the loves of my life. Women who wish to marry my widowed husband should consider that he drops his dirty laundry at random places in the house and that he constantly has gas since he loves beans and cheese, but he’s sweet and hot and an awesome daddy.

Please don’t cry over me. I want to be cremated and I want all my friends and family to throw a huge, outdoor bash, dump my ashes in the bottom of the grill, and fire up some burgers and hot dogs so I can be part of the celebration. My only negative thought to leave you with, is to carry on my hatred of pedophiles and band together to kill ‘em all! Thank you, and God bless.

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Everything important is in the red folder in desk drawer.

I meant it when I said that Milo is my primary heir.

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This is being a serious answer; I don’t think I’d write anything, but make a little doodle instead. I’d probably make it relevant to the situation, since if I knew I was going to die in 60 seconds, I don’t imagine I’d be able to think of anything else much…so I’d doodle a skull, maybe a pillow or some Z’s to denote sleeping. Not sure why, but these things first came to mind when writing my answer, (well, skulls and ’‘sleeping’’ are pretty relevant) so in spirit of the question, I’m naming those. I don’t really have any messages to give to anyone, and the government probably gets all my money when I die. A doodle seems appropriate.

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All my love
However imperfect
Has always belonged to you.

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so long and thanks for all the fish

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I love you all. Thanks for sharing my life.

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“Goodbye, Norma! I never loved you.”

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I’d write out my will. I could just about manage it in 60 seconds.

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This is a bad time to suddenly develop writers block.

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Tell my children, my partner and my best friend that I love them and will wait before going into the dark for them.

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Oops I’m dead it took me longer then 60 seconds.

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Asking the questions is more important than knowing the answers.

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People do know these posts are being fed to a FB page don’t they?

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@Bellatrix Well, either the thesis project is about whether people can respond seriously to a question about death, or the OP will learn that this is not a very sensible (or scientific) way to conduct a survey.

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I didn’t read the bit about it being a thesis project? Absolutely agree with your point. I would also question whether they have ethics clearance for such activity?

Just wanted to make people aware just in case they missed it… that there posts are being fed to FB.

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@dappled_leaves : The thesis project activity/question is not meant to be a scientific survey, but rather a philosophical experience for participants, should they try to answer seriously. The “study” is not a true “study” in scientific terms—if one reads through the plethora of the types of answers people post about the question, one may see patterns in answers, and doing so may give insight into what it is that is most important to people when they are aware of their “hypothetical” last moments. The project is more about experience than it is than anything else.

@Bellatrix : As this is only a question whose answers are being used for a school thesis project and not for any monetary gain, or a legitimate scientific-based study, ethic clearance is unnecessary—no one is being harmed or deceived. Furthermore, participants who respond to the question are doing so of their own vocation to help the thesis project along, as stated. The posts being shown on FB are only there to do what Fluther also does, showing others what people have said about a given topic. People who do not wish to participate do not need to post their answers.

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To my family and few dear friends, but especially to my darling children – you will never know how much I love you. I will always watch over you – and will forever keep you in my heart. Thank you for the precious time you have given me.

Oh and my username and password on Fluther is _____ say goodbye to all the jellies.

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As this is only a question whose answers are being used for a school thesis project and not for any monetary gain, or a legitimate scientific-based study, ethic clearance is unnecessary

That is not at all true – if you are actually doing this for a college or university thesis, they should be teaching you that as part of the process of writing a thesis.

May I ask how you can write about the “philosophical experience for participants” if you don’t interact with participants about that experience?

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The thesis is not scientifically based—the collected statements are for an artistic thesis that explores the themes of philosophy, memory, narrative, and death. Having the public participate is just part of the process. Again, no one is being harmed or deceived. Participants post of their own vocation. The philosophical experience is up to the participants—if they choose to answer seriously, they realize on their own what is most important to them—the activity/question only has the possibility of inducing the experience.

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@lastwords2012 I promise you, any study involving a survey of any kind will require ethics approval from your university. It has nothing to do with harm or deception, your intent, or even how the people you survey feel about your questions. If you have a thesis advisor, you should have a conversation about this – and you should also find out your university’s guidelines independently. You are responsible for knowing this stuff.

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I have in fact spoken to my advisors about this already and in regards to my project, my university’s regulations permit the usage of internet material so long as the information is officially and publicly archived and site policy does not prohibit the direct quotation of material from the site. It is also acceptable to quote verbatim, provided the data pose only minimal risk to subjects. Internet pseudonyms and real names may be used with permission of individual subjects, and if details that would be harmful to subjects if revealed will be omitted or modified so that it cannot be linked/identified. As this is a minimal harm activity, it barely/doesn’t apply.

Furthermore, the Fluther privacy policy clearly states:
You may redistribute, reproduce and/or display any posted content on this site, provided:
You prominently mention Fluther.
You attribute the original author (unless they are anonymous) as they are listed on Fluther.
I have done all of this and have clearly stated my purpose. I appreciate the concern you have expressed over this activity.

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@lastwords2012 so is that to say you did get “ethics approval” from your university?

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Please read the previous post, I believe I was clear enough regarding the issue of whether or not the project is valid in following regulations. Whoever wants to participate, can post their answers. Again, I appreciate the concern, but please do not ruin this for other participants by posting un-related answers to the main question.

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haha, yeah seriously…she did just explain it what’s all the fuss about? it’s not like anyone knows who the posts are from anyway. don’t worry @lastwords2012 , this is a cool project. even if it wasn’t for school, it’s still interesting to read about. but anyway there are lots of artists that appropriate stuff from the world to create their work and this is no different. don’t take the naysayers to heart and just take the answers people wanna give you.

here’s my last words:

i love my family, friends and boyfriend. i’m sorry i had to go ahead of you all, but i’ll protect and watch over you. Have fun and don’t miss me too much—we’ll see each other again. i love you all!

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@lastwords2012 questioning the ethics of the project is in no way ruining this thread. It is actually helping the participants understand exactly what you are attempting to do and clarifying for them how you plan to utilize their responses.

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Yes, I agree with @SuperMouse – and I suppose it reveals a creative way for “researchers” to circumvent the ethics approval process.

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Hmmm @realisticality there certainly is some participation here that is questionable in terms of research ethics.

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“I apologize for not gaining ethics approval for the life I led.”

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I’‘d write that I love all my friends and family and that I’m grateful for meeting them in this life. I’d tell them that I’ll be waiting on the other side when the time comes and that they shouldn’t cry over my death. I’m grateful for the life I’ve had and I’d do it all again in a blink of an eye! :)

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If I only had a minute to live, I’d get on line and buy the most expensive thing on my Mastercard. They’ve been screwing me for years, it’s time for revenge.

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Everything important is still in the red folder in desk drawer.
I meant it when I said that Milo is my primary heir.

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