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Did you take a snapshot today? Want to share it?

Asked by rebbel (25207points) February 21st, 2012

Today, or one of the days before today.
Do you make photos of everyday things/situations/bagatelles, and did you make one today?
Is it publishable here, on Fluther?
Go on, surprise us me!


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I took this this morning and chuckled to myself “Fat Barry on Fat Tuesday” dad once referred to my cat Barnabus as Fat Barry and I laugh hysterically every time I call him that. Not sure why.

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I just took this shot of the construction going on outside my window at work. I’m trying to keep a series of photos that tracks the construction.

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How do I put it in link form?

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@AuroraSolei Upload it to and then there will be a direct link to the image and you put it “link”: and then your url immediately after, no spaces. Woop!

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