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What to expect at a drag show?

Asked by martinez00anita (272points) May 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I plan on visiting my first one. Details, please. Is it ok to laugh? Not like a “haha you’re a drag queen,” more like a ” haha this is crazy.”

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I’ve been to the La Cage show in Vegas, and it was by far the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time. The whole audience was rolling. I’d expect it to be funny and probably somewhat impressive depending on the quality of the show to begin with.

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Darn, I thought you meant drag show like with cars. I was all set up with a bunch of immature tranny jokes only to find out that’s what you meant all along :(

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*most involved Ed Wood.

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haha, I beat you to the punch

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Drag performers (at least the good ones) put a tremendous amount of time, effort (duct tape for that “not-a-male” look), practice and money into their performances (those gowns and wigs aren’t cheap). They look at drag shows as performance art. Cheer or applaud for those you find to be good performers, just like you would any other entertainers.

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you have the right idea! “haha this is crazy!” with much respect behind it is appropriate

never ever heckle them ever, they’ll get crazy on you! have fun, it will be!

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The point of a drag show is to have a good time. People who dress up and have the ability to be the Center of attention in the craziest outfits, also don’t take themselves too seriously and understand everyone is there to have fun.
I wouldn’t point and laugh…unless you want to be singled out by the queen who can usually turn a quick phrase so fast it will make you head spin, but laughter is always good.

If you’d like to see so e of the best of the best, the Vegas shows or West Hollywoods Dreamgirls Revue are good bets. A lot of the performers are featured in the book dr.a.g., which you can check out at to see the best photos of drag ;)

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