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What are some euphemisms for dying/to die?

Asked by rebbel (33006points) February 21st, 2012

Minutes ago I read a euphemism for it in an article on Lifehacker; “Dear Lifehacker, My laptop—my enduring partner and long-lived friend—has finally succumbed to the ephemeral nature of its existence.”
Do you know of any other euphemism for passing away (<< that was one)?

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biting the dust

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kick the bucket

buy the farm

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Metabolically challenged.

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dropping your body
met his maker
sleeps with the fishes.

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Shuffled off this mortal coil.

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Tits up.
Taking a dirt nap.

ragingloli's avatar

watching the grass grow from below

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@WestRiverrat lOLOLOLOL!!!!! HAHAH! Those are hilarious to me for some reason. The first two especially.

I like “bought the farm”.

Euphemisms are awesome.

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zombie in training

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becoming half a jesus

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pushing up daisies

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I like them! Thank you all!
A Dutch one (of which I don’t know if it translates well) is “He’s wearing a wooden overcoat.”

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passing the spoon
biting the grass

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@ragingloli Got a nice German one (in German, or translated)?
Edit: Aha. Danke!

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those 2 were german ones

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Here are a few Monty Python.

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Waking up on the wrong side of the grass.

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Shuffled off this mortal coil.
Fed the vultures.

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going the way of the redshirt
dun goof’d

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Dearly departed
Crossed the bar
Done for
Living in a pine condo
Checked out
Is fertilizer
Met his maker
Gone down River Styx
Visiting with Hades

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Popped off
Biting the big one
Worm food
Kicked the bucket
Give up the ghost

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Took a shitter.

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Letting Jesus take the wheel.

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Riding the midnight train to slab city.

“Hey, man, sorry to hear your mom’s riding the midnight train to slab city.”

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@DominicX phenomenal.

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passing on

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Talking with St. Peter
Has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel (dying)
burning in Hell
Beyond being taxed
A date with the reaper
six feet under

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Taking ones last breath.
Passing over.
Singing with the angels.

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Popped your clogs

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Cashed in his chips.

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Joined the choir invisible

it’s resting

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A dirt nap. (it’s awful, I know)


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