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What sounds best to you and why. The world that was or the world to come?

Asked by flutherother (31947points) February 21st, 2012

Whatever these phrases conjure up in your mind.

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The world is going through some rough times right now, but I think the world of the future will have so much to offer once we wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

Basement fusion plants will get everyone off the grid and give everyone free unlimited electric power.

3D printers will provide every material need and want.

Robots and AI will make drudge jobs a thing of the past, and people will have all the free time they want to create art and music (or just homer out on the couch and watch TV if that’s their choice).

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Oh the world that was for sure. I’m hippie chick in the woods, and while I integrate just fine my ultimate bliss is coming home to my own little Walden Pond scene. I think our modern cities and all the transportation systems and roads and concrete is so UGLY! I love to look at old photos of simpler times.

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I like to live in the present. The world that is.

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The world that was. I dont have much faith in the human race and our future.

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The world to come. Especially when the human species is finally extinct.

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The world that was was pretty darn harsh in many different ways. I have hope that the world that will be will continue to get better notwithstanding hiccups here and there.

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The world to come. We will probably never achieve Utopia, but I can hope.

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The world to come. Sure, the world that was is interesting, but it already was. The world to come is unpredictable. It’s not here yet and anything could happen. You can’t change what has already happened, but you have some power over what will happen in the future. I have hope for the world to come.

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I am looking forward to the world to come in two years from now.

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Despite my accused ranting about the “rosy” times of days gone by, I love it all. I liked the world the way it was when I was a kid, I truly love the technology of today. I love iCloud and iPhone and self checkout at the grocery store. I can’t imagine what more can happen in my lifetime but I am eager to get to play with it.

People never much change really, there were always good guys and always anal openings and there always will be, the proportion of one to the other that I come in contact with, changes from day to day.

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