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Should I be concerned if the thank you note for the birthday presents only mentioned one of the two presents we gave to the child?

Asked by jca (36054points) February 21st, 2012

Recently my daughter attended a birthday party for a child who used to be in her school. I gave two dinosaur cartoon DVD’s and dinosaur pajamas. We just got a thank you note from the parents, and the note mentioned the DVD’s and not the pajamas.

Should I contact them and mention the pajamas? The way I was thinking I could do it is to contact them and let them know the PJ’s came from Costco,and I wanted to mention that if they don’t fit you can return them without a receipt. I am not sure if it would sound weird to do that, but I am kind of concerned that they don’t seem to realize that we gave them the pajamas, too.

I know when you have a party, it’s very easy to mix up who gave you what gift(s).

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No don’t mention that they forgot to mention the PJs. If you see them again ask if the PJs fitted. I wouldn’t stress this unless you are trying to go over and beyond to get their validation.

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I would, politely, simply ask. It is a reasonable question and has nothing to do with validation.

The last time I thought I had sent a wedding present, I waited for almost six months to check with the bride and groom. At their end, they were scratching their heads because the gift arrived without a card.

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Why did the parents write a thank you note instead of the child? Seems to me the child should be writing thank you notes.

I would not think about the PJ thing for another moment. I would not mention it in any way.

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Perhaps the child is very young @MollyMcGuire.

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@MollyMcGuire: The child just turned 5. The parents wrote the note, the child wrote his name. A 5 year old who’s not yet in kindergarten could barely write.

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@jca @Bellatrix From the OP: “a child who used to be in her school.” School aged children can generally write.

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What? You got a thank you note?

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I wouldn’t mention it. It sounds like to me that it was simply human error (kids get a lot of presents and if a parent doesn’t always remember who gave what I don’t think it should be held against them) on the letter writers part and not worth worrying about. You got a thank you note and I think that is the most important thing. Making them realise that you gave two presents and not just the one you mentioned seems arrogant regardless of how you approach it.

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@MollyMcGuire: Sorry for the misunderstanding. They’re at an age where they can barely write their names!

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Given the nature of the presents @MollyMcGuire, it was fairly obvious these were young children. Children here can start school at four (as long as they turn five by June 30). Younger if you include pre-school.

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