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Where to buy cheap replica sunglasses?

Asked by anyer (9points) May 22nd, 2008

I have a friend whose birthday is coming so I want to pick a nice one..arond 10$

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Target works, also Chinatown.

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I don’t know exactly what your looking for but these kids post myspace bulletins about sunglasses at least 3 times a day.

1918 Vintage

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Here I am immediately hearing ZZTop in my head again. Make sure to have it playing when you are on the hunt for the perfect pair.

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If you live in or around Los Angeles, the only place to do it is the Garment District/Santee Alley. They have the best selection and you can find anything you want for about $5. Or Tijuana, Mexico. You can find similar knock-offs in other cities like NY and DC in Chinatown districts or garment districts if they have them.

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