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Is frat college life really all that fun ? How was your Fraternity experience?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) February 22nd, 2012

Has anyone on here been in a fraternity and how was that like? For the men, is it really one big party for you guys? Was it a fun experience ?

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My fraternity experience was a significant part of being in school. Yes, we partied a lot, but we also had some very good students who got outstanding grades. We participated in campus life, we were part of the community, and we had an active yet generally sane social life.

My fraternity did not allow hazing, so it was a place to make life long friends who treated each other with respect. We did pull pranks on each other, but nothing too out of the ordinary for college students. We (I) drank to excess at times, but no one ever died.

I am, 35 years later, still close to a number of fraternity brothers. Just last week an old roommate was in town on business with his family joining. We had number of us from the fraternity meet for dinner in San Francisco, and three days later I gave him and his family a one day tour of SF. It was one of those friendships that just picked up where we’d left it the last time we’d seen each other.

Even today, many of my closest friends are fraternity brothers who live near me, there are a dozen that live within 15 miles.

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My fraternity life was great. I still remember sitting back in our house meetings, when we were planning out budgets, forecasts, work parties, and thinking no shit, you guys are running a business? A bunch of college kids are taking care of this house? And I dove into it big time. It gave me a focal point for my college experience. And yeah, we partied our balls off. The sunglasses the next day, inside the house, were a big giveaway.

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I joined a co-ed, professional fraternity.. so it’s a little different from the under-grad social Greek life. Right now – it is fun, it’s just difficult because I have a lot of other things going on, too. But, I think it would’ve really helped me in undergrad to make friends and build confidence. The problem with that, was that I didn’t want to join a sorority – as that just doesn’t fit my personality type. I didn’t really look into joining the co-ed or honors fraternities in undergrad, or I just told myself that I didn’t have time.

Joining is a pretty big commitment (depending on which one you join…) but I would suggest it. If nothing else, you’ll make a few friends and lose a couple hundred dollars in the process. But, you’re already shelling out a ton of money for tuition, so what’s a little more? Plus, it’s not some sort of binding agreement – if you find that it’s not for you (when while pledging) you are free to stop and no harm will come to you!

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I was in a sorority and was a chapter founder at my college. The year that we founded the chapter was crazy, stressful and lots-lots-lots of fun. I enjoyed all 25 of my ‘sisters’ and the process we went through from nothing to a full-fledged sorority that is still up and running at that college- its 20 year anniversary is next year. All of the sisters were very supportive of me as a single mom, were appreciative of my contributions and during our first march, my son rode along in his stroller, all dressed up. I enjoyed the process of establishing something and learning those steps has helped me with different projects that came up later in life. I couldn’t afford to stay in school, so left the semester after the chapter was founded.

Two years later, I went back to the same college, brought my sorority stuff with me ready to dive back in. However, the new batch of women did not welcome me back in and the ‘queen bees’ attacked me for being a nasty, embarrassing, appallingly shameful single mom. Nobody else would stand up to them. Wow. I used the alumni clause to get out and become inactive.

So, I’ve had both an excellent experience and a horrible experience and both are valid in their own respects. I don’t regret joining, still am friends with the founders and enjoy getting updates, but also recognize that a small group of cruel women can be very powerful.

Poetic justice? Eventually, two of the nose-in-air-holier-than-thous got knocked up… and dumped. Ah! Single moms! Tsk tsk.

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I was busy enough during my 22 year university career with learning, teaching and parenting to have time for Greek life. I may have missed out on valuable experiences and contacts but that is life.

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I wasn’t in a fraternity, but college was both fun and a grind at the same time.

Dorm parties, keggers, stereo wars, and going downtown to get drunk on a Friday night…all good.

But make time for getting the homework done, doing your research papers, all night cram sessions for mid-terms…those are important parts of college life, too :-/

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Nope. I’m a female,
went to one frat party as a freshman
in college. It was gross, and everybody was really
sweaty. Not my scene.

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I was in a sorority in college and joined my sophomore year. College in general was an amazing time and my sorority was a big part of that. We had a lot of fun but it wasn’t like what you see on TV. There was no hazing allowed and most of the girls were very down to earth which is one reason I joined that particular sorority. I don’t think I would have been nearly as happy with any of the others.

Besides all of the fun social things we did, the sorority was quite a valuable learning experience. It’s not just a group of girls hanging out in some official clique. There are grade requirements, committees, service projects, and things that have nothing to do with partying. I was an officer and even president my senior year and learned so much about delegating, negotiating, compromising, and speaking to large groups.

So I can’t speak for fraternities, but as to greek life in general it can be a very good experience if the chapter you pledge is a good fit for you. It isn’t for everyone and I don’t think you HAVE to be greek to have an incredible time in college but it isn’t some never ending party either.

Oh yeah, frat houses do tend to be disgusting places as opposed to sorority houses which are often very nice with stricter rules.

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