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Want to help a recently graduated economics major network for a job that deals with socially responsible investing, green issues, microfinancing and/or community development?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) May 23rd, 2008

The daughter of dear friends of mine graduated from college this year. She’s incredibly intelligent and passionate about progressive issues. As a former housemate, she was also responsible for providing me with lovely wake-up music back in the days when she practiced her harp for an hour each morning. Feel free to answer or PM me. Rather than give out her personal info, I’ll forward along or give her your info. Here’s her request:

Having recently graduated from American University with a B.S. in
Economics and a minor in Math, I am sending this email to request your
help in setting up some informational interviews.

I have strong skills in research, writing, math, and quantitative
analysis, as well as a high level of computer literacy. My academic
achievement (I graduated with a 4.0 GPA) is complimented by my
volunteer and work experience in the non-profit sector, which has
given me excellent organizational and time management skills. In
addition, thanks to my training in communication and conflict
resolution, I am flexible and work well with all different kinds of

I’d like to find a position where I can use my economic skills to make
a difference in the world. I am especially interested in socially
responsible investment, microfinance, community development, and green
business. I anticipate working for 4–5 years and then returning to
school for a MBA and/or a Masters.

Do you have any contacts in the areas I’m interested in who might be
willing to give me informational interviews (either in person or via
phone)? I won’t be asking for a job; I’d like to pick their brains
about the kind of work that they do and how they got there in order to
clarify my own career path.

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I have the perfect job for her. The recycling division in my county is hiring a program outreach person. The info can be found at

The big plus is that when she is ready she will be able to apply to UGA for the MBA program. (a top business school)

Hope that helps

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It’s a pity that I don’t know anyone in the UN personally, and that I don’t have any useful information. I’m more touched that and grateful just to know that people who embrace these values and standards exist, it gives me hope.

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