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What else would you add to my repurposing list?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) February 22nd, 2012

I’m highly keen on reusing and re-purposing all material which I have the possibility to do so with.
Instead of recycling, because there is no recycling service in my area, I designate all paper waste to be applied as fire-starter; all plastic waste i collect in place to eventually melt it to make a cover for my compost pile and any other water proof surfacing; bones from meat get crushed for the dogs & cats, or fashioned into (decorative) tool; wood scraps & sawdust to the rabbit and in the chicken coop; and so on.
I clean, save and store everything, from metal scraps to tetrapack cartons, awaiting a moment of ‘eureka’ to find out how I can integrate them into the household’s needs.

Of course my practice extends only to the limits of my imagination and skill. But even these are boundaries I want to expand.
Anything else I might do with the materials I mentioned and/or any other (domestic waste) material you have in mind)
Please share, as I am eager to apply myself to this.
Perhaps we can inspire each other to divulge such a way of life. ;-)

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make quilts with old clothes.
a few good ideas here. I like using fused plastic to make bathroom bags for my husband who travels a lot. He used to forget his regular ones behind in hotels all the time, but he loves the ones I make so much, he wears them out now. ;o)

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Soda bottles as mini green houses for sapplings.

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Make sculptures or mobiles with the metal cans etc.

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And what to do with these used light bulbs…?

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Lightbulbs are considered a semi-toxic waste where I live. We have a special garbage disposal for them. Especially the florescent bulbs. They have a toxic powder/gas in them. They shouldn’t be broken or used for anything.

The clear ones might be used for something. I have seen them used as tiny hanging planters.

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When I was little, I used to put bottles over rosebuds. After the rose had bloomed inside the bottle, I’d give them away as gifts. I’d imagine you could do the same with a lightbulb.

I’ve only tried it with those round bulbs (versus the classic oblong ones), but if you put them in a grocery bag and tap around the metal base with a hammer, you can sometimes pop off the metal base and pull the filiment out. You’re then left with just the glass part. Very pretty—but also very delicate.

Those can be used for all sorts of decorative stuff. Ornaments, terrariums, vases, etc.

PS I really dig that you try to reuse all this stuff. We produce way too much “trash”.

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