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My wife has pain around her pubic bone area due to pregnancy can you recommend a remedy?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 22nd, 2012

She is in her 7th month. Open to any experienced suggestions thanks!

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Try using heating pads. Unfortunately she will be uncomfortable until that baby is out. Just tell her to relax!

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It is most likely round ligament pain, it sucks and as @KateTheGreat says, there really isn’t much to do about it.

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@SuperMouse is correct. Ice, tylenol and rest.

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Rest, changing position sometimes helps, especially lying on your side with pillows to support your belly and between your knees.
Perhaps you could give her a nice gentle massage to help her relax?

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I agree with @wilma. When I was pregnant it was easier to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs.

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My wife is a nurse. She has had two children of her own. She suggests that your wife have a physician check this out. Why take a risk with the life of your child and/or the life of your wife?

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Are other areas of her hips sore too? When the female body is about to give birth, the bones actually become more flexible and soften. Our hormones to this. It really is an amazing thing. Problem is, it causes pain. I’ve known women here in Norway who had to walk on crutches the last 2 months of their pregnancy. We call it ‘Bekkenløsning.’ which simply translates to ‘loosening of the pelvis’. I don’t know the word for it in English.
You could translate the pages and see if there are any tips for you.

But, have her see her doctor. He may suggest taking some weight off her hips by using crutches when she can or seeing a massage therapist.

My hips haven’t been the same since my pregnancy. My pubic bone was OK, but my hips are pretty messed up now. My little guy engaged early, with his head down for almost the whole last month and he pressed on my cervix so I got that pain with was pretty horrible.

Good luck. The pain doesn’t last and we all manage to get through it. Slow down and look after yourself.

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Check with an upscale maternity shop for a supporter.

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