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How did Bruce Lee truly die?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 22nd, 2012

Okay I know I’m on a role with death questions. But I don’t know which is the truth of how Mr. Lee had passed on. Supposedly he fell into a coma and never awoke? What caused this coma? Aneurism? Due to cocaine? Was it his electric stim shock?

From what I gather, my theory since he didn’t use weights to work out and manually squeezed his muscles for tension and with the use of stim muscle shock perhaps his body freaked out one night and his heart shut down for some strange reason, then turned back on but sent a popped vessel to the brain?

What is the truth?

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I remember reading that he was allergic to aspirin. He would chew them often to deal with the pain he got while doing fight scenes. As I recall, this came from several sources, including his wife Linda.

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Allergic reaction to a muscle relaxant was the apparent real cause of his death.

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:.( Thanks you two.

I can only imagine what he would might have done should he have been alive today. I feel he might have changed the perception of the stereo types of Asian Americans. Obviously there are major strides today in that area but I cant help but think he might have done more dramas in his acting career later on.

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He was fighting an expert more so than him. ‘the touch of death’ – hammer stroke to the heart

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Your theory was close, according to the official Bruce Lee movie, he died of a heart attack. But according to Wiki, he did had problems with his brain;

“There was no visible external injury; however, according to autopsy reports, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams. Lee was 32 years old. The only substance found during the autopsy was Equagesic. On 15 October 2005, Chow stated in an interview that Lee died from an allergic reaction to the muscle relaxant (meprobamate) in Equagesic, which he described as a common ingredient in painkillers. When the doctors announced Lee’s death officially, it was ruled a “death by misadventure”

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He had severe cerebral edema, i.e. fluid swelling his brain. He had an attack of that a few weeks before he died and was saved by administration of Manniitol. He had a checkup in Los Angeles and was pronounced healthy, so he forgot the episode that recurred July 20, 1973 while he was at the flat of actress Ting Pei with whom he had an affair. He ate hashish and took an Equagesic pill thhe had taken gbefore for a headache. He took a nap and never awoke. some doctors think the drug combination was fatal. His personal doctor said he was prone to such seizures. The drugs could have excaberbated their effect.

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@whyigottajoin Movies are full of fiction, even if they pretend to be historical or biogaphical. Bruce Lee’s heart was in great shape. His brain was swollen with fluids, and he had an earlier such attack about ten weeks before his death. He was born 11/27/40 and died 7/20/73, so his age was approximately 32.65 years. Hashish was also found in his autopsy with an Equgesic pill that has an aspirin pain killer, a muscle-relaxant and an opoid. It was later banned for its toxicity. Lee-san had taken Equagesic before, however.
@trailsillustrated Dian Hsueh does not really exist, so it did not kill anyone.

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