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Will you share, in your experience, the best flea & tick products for cats?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) February 22nd, 2012

It’s tick season again and I have been using Frontline on my 2 cats, primarily for ticks as there are no flea problems in my climate. I paid $105 for 6 doses at my vet yesterday ( 2 free doses included ) and am searching for the most economical and high performance tick products for cats.
What pet stores and products have you found to work well at moderate cost? Any websites for best prices on products such as Frontline & Advantage?

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The only thing I ever used was Advantage I bought from a local vet. When I was growing-up, my dad put Blue Dragon or Sevin Dust on our dogs and cats. I’m sure that was as dangerous as lawn darts and smoking while pregnant, but it is what it is. Would it be more dangerous than whatever is in Frontline and Advantage?

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Frontline is the best flea medicine for cats. Advantage is a close 2nd best
You can purchase the same Frontline that you got from the vet, on Ebay, for around $40.00.

The price charged to you by your vet is outrageous.

Also if you are willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of effectiveness for a huge amount of savings, then you can just use a 5-in-one medicine such as this medicine from Hartz. It only costs about $4.50 for 3 doses.

The important thing is that the medicine kills eggs and larvae as well as actual fleas and ticks. And whatever medicine used, should be used at least 2 months in a row, to kill upcoming generations of bugs.

All pesticides carry danger, so the hope is that the danger from the medicine is less than the danger from the bugs. My cat is 19 years old, and I’ve used both Frontline and Hartz on her, off and on, for many years. Never more than one dose in a 4-week period, though.

After using chemicals to kills all fleas and ticks and eggs, you can switch to more natural pest repllents made of out chrysanthenum, peppermint, or neem. My cat, ironically, is allergic to the natural formulations.

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I use Frontline which I get at Costco or Amazon. I think 3 doses are about $30, or is it 6 doses? It’s been since the fall so I’m not sure, but you should check Amazon. I have also used Advantage. I find them both comparable. When my cats first got fleas, about 5 years ago, I tried all kinds of over the counter stuff, and none of it worked (dips, shampoos, etc.).

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Wal mart is now selling a product with the same exact ingredients for maybe 10 bucks cheaper. Even the packaging looks an awful lot like Frontline products. I think a patent has expired. It seems to work as well as F L.

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Thanks everyone, yeah the vets are outrageous, but, I needed it now as I found the first tick the other day with our unseasonably warm winter.
I am lucky to have no flea issues here, only the ticks in spring and fall for the most part.
I’m set til the end of June now but, want to find a better source for the next supply. I’ll check out amazon and maybe even the Walmart product. Thanks!

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Frontline, hands down.

When I was trying to decide which one, I asked the adoption counselor at a local rescue shelter what they used. She said that Frontline had the edge over the others for effectiveness.

Worked great. No need for bombing or other products.

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@Buttonstc Yes, I think I’ll stick with the Frontline, but wanting to find better deals on it. :-)

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I buy Advantage and Profender on Amazon @Coloma. Definitely check the online prices.

I do not recommend buying these on ebay. There have been many reports of expired product sold without inserts.

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That makes sense. If you do find and decide upon a place with better prices, please update and share.

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I would go with Frontline or Advantage. Those affect insect development. Avoid products with pyrethrin – nerve toxin!

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