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What is green chili made of?

Asked by sydsydrox (648points) February 22nd, 2012

I really, really, REALLY want to know.

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This is close to my recipe. It can also be made with chicken, ground beef or even a vegetarian version.

I usually use yellow tomatoes instead of traditional red when I am making green chili.

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Here is a chile verde recipe.

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When I think of Green Chile (notice how it is spelled with an e and not an i) I assume you mean like the traditional New Mexico Green Chile dish which uses pork.

Also most White Chili (spelled chili which is different than chile) recipes use lots of green chile peppers (as opposed to red ones) in the recipes along with chicken. Like this one

And then there is green enchilada sauce which is often referred to as Green Chile This particular one is vegetarian, but green chile enchilada sauce is often made with chicken stock.

Or if you were referring to those little cans of chopped green chiles those are usually Anaheim chiles, but they also might be New Mexico Hatch chiles

So, not exactly sure what you were looking for. Green Chile is a dish that is common to New Mexico, while any kind of Chili green or otherwise, with only meat or with meat and beans or with just beans, is common to Texas and most of the southern U.S., but is a different type of dish.

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It sounded like you were saying what is a green chili made of? I was like, what could be so interesting about that? lol

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