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What question of yours surprised you by earning few GQ points but had many replies?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32641points) February 22nd, 2012

I asked this question way back in September of 2010. It got 50 answers. Some were heated responses, yet it only garnered one lonely little GQ point.

I was quite pleased with the responses overall, but surprised at the paucity of GQ marks.

Have you had a similar experience?

Please note, I’m not asking for more GQ marks on the question I linked. I’m more interested in the experiences of other jellies.

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I don’t ask too many questions (regardless of website) since I prefer to answer a few selected questions that I go out of my way to search for. I was pleased with the question that I’d asked about vocational education a few months ago. I didn’t get much lurve for it, but it generated a fair amount of responses, the responses were good and the thread remained civil despite the opposing opinions in it that were posted.

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Too many so I don’t bother with that any more. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation. What I don’t understand is how someone would appreciate a question, say as much, reply and maybe even further the conversation on the thread – but not take the time to acknowledge the OP. But I’ve been told that it has to do with more and more mobile users who simply find it difficult and time consuming to “scroll up” and GQ it, and much easier to just continue to the next Q.

Also, some people just can’t be bothered, or don’t think of it.

this makes me want to reboot again – talk about lurve. But I’ve promised to keep this account…

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Actually, the reverse for me.
I asked this question and got 10 GQ before I got any responses. I now have 12 GQ and 3 responses.

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@filmfann We lurve ya – so we lurve your questions. I just don’t want to share my military experiences. But that won’t stop me from GQing ya.

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It happens often to me. I have given up trying to figure out what gets GQs. For me, the question has to surprise me or make me think.

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Some questions I have asked have been given quite a few GQs and I think they are fairly average. Others, I thought were more interested receive barely any.

Also, I often (sorry people I don’t mean to) forget to click the good question thing. I may think it but I often forget to click. So I don’t think it is such a good guide of whether a question was well received. The number of answers and level of engagement are better indicators for me.

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I think user popularity has plays a role in ones perception of judging whether a question is great or not. But I know I personally great question things, I hunt out great questions to be honest whether I like that users stance or not.

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