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Have all you Star Trekkers become Star Gaters?

Asked by zensky (13367points) February 23rd, 2012

In lieu of anything worthwhile Star Trek (Enterprise, anyone? And for heaven’s sake don’t get me started on the movie – it’s almost as bad as Jar Jar Binks and the Star Wars installments) – have you gotten your Star fix from the various Stargate series?

Which did you like? Which didn’t you?

Ideas for an upcoming Star Trek series?

Random ST thoughts?

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Anything with “Star **” in the title, and the whole ” Ar Ay” rhyme works for me For that last, read Far Scape, I was trying to be clever. Atlantis didn’t start to really work until they stopped making SG-1 and could devote all the resources to one show. SGU was different… Are you just getting this stuff now?

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No, not just now. But we do get things very late, and sporadically. It also depends on whom you subscribe to here – as one may have SGU and then the other won’t – and you won’t be able to access it.

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No! I didn’t like the idea of the first Stargate… and I didn’t like the casting, so I never watched it. And since there are very few series that I will watch after I’ve missed the first several episodes (the BSG remake is a rare exception), I have avoided the whole SG thing entirely.

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SG1. Always. I love them. I think I shall always love them.

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Yep, I’m an old Trekkie (yes Trekkie) from the days of the first airing of the original series.

Actually, I rather liked Enterprise. Deep Space 9, IMHO, was the real fiasco. Really, how the heck are you supposed to have adventures whishing through the galaxy seeking out new life and new civilization when you are stuck at a bus station, even if it is located next to a major highway?!?!?

Anyway, regarding Star Gate, the first couple of seasons were OK. I kind of lost interest after that.

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The obvious next series for me is the one that bridges the gap between Enterprise and The Original Series.

I, for one, would love to see the adventures of Captain Pike under the command of Admiral Archer.

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Oh, @YoBob , and here I thought we had a future. But your grossly perverse and erroneous statements about DS9 have taken all hope off the table. I sigh. <sigh> oh, how I sigh.

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Oh please, say it ain’t so @JilltheTooth. Of course I’m open to alternate opinions, but alas, IMHO the most exciting thing about DS9 was a guy who slept in a bucket and a Ferengi who was generally less obnoxious than most others of his race.

So… what did you like about the series?

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I really liked the latest Star Trek movie which surprised me as I was expecting to hate it. I’m a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek Voyager was good but not as good as The Next Generation. The original Star Trek is a nostalgic and campy and well loved.

We really liked the Firefly series (that they sadly cancelled). We loved the re-make of Battle Star Galactica.

I’m happy to hear they are making Ender’s Game into a movie. We could use another good sci-fi move/tv series.

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@YoBob : Well, Avery Brooks, for starters. I also really liked that they had to stay and deal with stuff, they couldn’t just warp away. I liked how DS9 had a rich backstory, the occupation of Bajor and the Cardassian pull-out and the mess they left. I liked Garak. I liked the tortured soul of Gul Dukat. I liked how Jake Sisko grew 12 feet during the course of the series. How’m I doing so far?
And @tranquilsea , the short life of Firefly was a travesty.
And for those who didn’t like Stargate, how can you not love the idea of an interstellar MacGyver???

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Well @JilltheTooth, at least we can agree on Stargate… ;)

And yes, I agree that DS9 did have a rich back story. It’s just that I missed the whole “space cowboy” tradition of The Original Series.

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And that, @YoBob , is why god made Firefly. And then took it away. Again I sigh. <sigh>.

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It’s not a straight trade. I miss Star Trek.

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Gotta stick with the original. Tribbles anyone?

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I loved Firefly. I’m looking forward to the Ender’s Game film – I didn’t read the book, but my sci-fi friends keep yelling at me to read it.

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SG1 and Atlantis were good for the most part (SG1 by far was the best), and I never really was a trekkie, and I’m definitely no longer a gater… I’m a 40ker

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I hope nobody minds me pulling a total geekout here, but I have been thinking about what sort of series I would love to see made in the ST universe.

In one episode of DS9, there was a ship that was incommunicado for 7 or 8 years because they were out exploring the beta quadrant on a charting mission. When they came back to charted space, they had no idea that there was a war going on or there was a wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.

I thought it would be interesting to do a series based on something like that. It would be somewhere between TNG and Voyager in style. No TNG style episodes where they cart around diplomats or attend conferences and shuttle back and forth to Risa. No Voyager style episodes where they go ala Giligan’s island and think they have found a way to instantly get home only to be foiled yet again by fate.

Just a ship on a mission to explore uncharted space. They’d be out on their own and have to rely on themselves to make repairs or whatnot.

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@keobooks : You keep this kind of thought process going and there’s a good chance your daughter will end up as fabulous as KatawaGrey!!! ;-)

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After seeing Babylon 5 for the first time, I started preferring a bit more grit in my sci-fi. Then i became a browncoat.

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I’ve never seen Stargate. And I only like the “original” Star Wars (episode IV) movie. I still watch re-runs of the original Star Trek, TNG and Voyager.

For me personally, even though TNG has run it’s course, I would love to see a whole movie or episode dedicated to Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher falling in love and having a wedding, using clips from the series and movies that supported this. I think one of the novels actually had them get married, and I always thought that they belonged together. I could live off of that for the next ten years!

And in a similar vein, I would love to see the same type of thing with Captain Janeway and Chakotay.

Or in my ultimate fantasty I would like to see some type of dream episode that took the cast from NCIS and puts them on the Enterprise!!! Can’t you just see Jethro Gibbs manning the Enterprise, DiNozzo as Number 1, Ziva David as the Empath Counselor (and hot, will they or won’t they, love interest to Number 1) with Ducky as the Doctor (of course) and McGee playing a combination character that is a cross between Geordi La Forge and Data, and his Uhuha/Seven of Nine-like love interest being Abby Schiuto? I’m gettin’ all sparky just thinking about this.

Of course they would have exotic and beautiful guest stars like Alan Rickman and Fran Drescher, hee hee : P

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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – The name says it all…

Star Trek: We Are Borg – Star Trek from the viewpoint of the Borg. Each episode, they assimilate a different race, and each race poses different challenges, risks, and rewards. But in the end, resistance is futile.

Star Trek: Temporal Corps – The next, next, next, next generation. We can have lots of fun with this, sending agents back to TNG, TOS, DS9, Voyager, and maybe even some different series, like Babylon 5 or Stargate (assuming that the lawyers can play nice together).

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So… why am I seeing no Doctor Who references here? Or are diehard Star Trek fans not into Doctor Who? Maybe this should be its own question.

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I was both, plus yes, I watch Dr. Who. I tried Sanctuary and Warehouse 13 but they were very disappointing.

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@jerv – I always thought it would be an interesting premise if Picard was send to a remote system to investigate piracy, and ended up chasing Mal. And then the Enterprise encountered the Reavers…

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I need to start watching the SG series. Until very recently I had no access to it. I haven’t had cable television in about 7 years and I’m too disorganized to put a TV schedule together and remember when the shows are on.

Now that I have NetFLix and Hulu on the DVD Roku whatever the heck my husband put up for us to get shows, I should check all these things out I’ve missed over the years.

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I’ve loved any star-based sci fi, so i’m a good fan of Star Gate, Babylon 5, Firefly, Farscape, one that begins with an A, stared that guy that played Hercules… Dr. Who. I’ll even follow the new ST movies just to get a star fix.

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@DaphneT Andromeda? I watched some of that – probably just enough of it to have a clue what was going on. In the end, it became more interesting than I had expected it to.

I kind of wish I had followed Babylon 5. I was so off-put by some of the makeup and costuming that I never tried.

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@dappled_leaves, get thee to a library! Thou must read Ender’s Game. Now! ( It really is that good!)

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They’ve been saying a movie version of Ender’s Game is in the works for about a decade now. When they were first talking about casting it, whats-his-name who played little Ani Skywalker in Star Wars EP1 was supposed to be Ender. He’s way too old now. Is there anything out there that shows that there’s hope that it’s actually being made and any sort of date?

BTW, Enders Game was recently made into a graphic novel. It was approved by Orson Scott Card and is fairly good.

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@keobooks: With any luck it will happen.

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Yes, but I quit SG1 after season 5. Became too boring. Then I discovered SG Atlantis. Loved it. All of it.

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@JilltheTooth, you are now my new hero! :)

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