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How can I stay longer in sex?

Asked by dawit1985 (8points) May 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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Foreplay is key for me. If I spend a few hours fooling around I will last significantly longer then if I just go in.

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well, i think i know what you’re asking, my trick is just taking it easy, if you’re acting like a piston for 10 minutes non stop you’re not gonna last, so mix it up with a long foreplay, sometimes just not doing anything at all, well, small example, when she’s on top of you, stop thrusting, and just hug and kiss

you’ll get the hang of it, don’t worry

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Slow down. There is no rush. Foreplay really gets most people going and takes a little pressure off you. Try this trick as well, when you feel yourself getting close to ummmm, “blast off”, then stop and use other ways to continue pleasing your SO. Use all your assets. Fingers, mouth, whatever you can think of. Use your imagination. Good luck!

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eactly, oh, and one thing, when it’s too late to stop, then don’t try to fight it, afterwards it’ll feel so lame, haha

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I have no additional tips to offer, but this is a great read!

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My friend, let me introduce you to kegels. Do these regularly and with practice you’ll do much more than “stay longer”.

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kegals do not help men. It is an exercise that helps women.
If you want to last longer try masturbating before sex.

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@judochop, au contraire, read the link I posted and take my word for it too.

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kegsls do work for men to. Practice and frequency will also help and familiarity with your SO also help as if you are an attentive partner and learn what they like you can do variations and such that will assist in a more passionate and longer expierence each time. And don’t stress because that will make it worse.

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hey I agree from above comments like definetly take your time. No rush. But just a pointer. Dont always keep the penetration. Leave your penis in her without pulling out. Kiss her. Remember she has other body parts that like to be stimulated. Doing this takes the pleasure ( a little) away from your penis. When that about to cum urge goes away. Get back at it. LOL

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Sorry paulc. I know there is great debate on this. My mother is a sex therapist and is pretty savvy about such topics. Perhaps they do help you last longer but the muscles that you are contracting are different than the muscles that contract during release. I do know that they can help your erection be harder and firmer but as for the distance I just don’t know if I believe it.
When I was younger I used to blow up too quickly. I am now able to sustain to the finish line through breathing. Different strokes for different folks…No pun intended.

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use stud 100 !!!

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Dont go out with a loaded gun, shoot a round or two off before hand.

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good pint with the loaded gun theory. However if your trying to get her pregnant dont. You need all the swimmers you can get

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Prozac. I am serious. Its documented.

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Find a less attractive partner.

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when i feel im about to explode i think about doing kickflips over this hip at the skatepark over and over.

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In the words of Austin Powers: “Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!”
Sorry, couldn’t resist :)

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One word….Viagra!

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