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If you have any....where do you store your perfumes?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) February 23rd, 2012

This is a question for those of you that might own more than one bottle of “Granny’s Vanilla Extract” to attract the “menfolk” and have to find somewhere to store all those pretty bottles.

Britain has very little storage in most of its houses. Most houses do not have closets (as in the USA). You have to buy wardrobes. Most of these do not have storage shelves (some do). Even built-in wardrobes (permanent ones) are very small. And bathrooms don’t have the built-in cabinets either (but you shouldn’t store perfume in a bathroom anyway.)

I have tried putting bottles in a drawer, but of course, some of the bottles are too tall. I try putting them on their side, but that’s not good because they might leak and basically it leaves a mess in a drawer. I know you can put bottles on a dresser top, but that’s okay for a handful of bottles. I have a bit more than that. :)

How do you store your perfumes? Where do you store them? If you use a container/shelf/other space…do tell.

Thanks so much!

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I put them on the dresser.

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I live in the UK, and this is the wardrobe which has the built in shelf compartment. :)
Yes, that’s how messy the inside of my cupboard is. What? What?

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In my bathroom cabinet. It is cool and dark in there. I think you are best to keep some perfumes out of strong light and hot temps? Not sure. It works for me except I can’t display the pretty bottles.

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When wore a lot of different perfumes and scented lotions, I had a mirrored vanity tray. Mine was encased (something like this) so the bottles wouldn’t tip over. Now I only wear 2 scents (one for spring/summer and another in the fall/winter) and I store them in a built in cabinet that is separate from my bath area.

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If things don’t fit into the little storage I have in my bathroom drawers or cabinet, then I have this type of shoe organizer on the inside of my linen closets. I have one linen closet on the inside of my bathroom & one just outside my bathroom.

To install these, I cut them to the size of the space I use them on/in (I also use these on the walls of the linen closets & in my son’s room for toys). Then, I nail them to the walls/doors.

In the pockets where the shoes would go, I put in perfumes, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes, cleaning supplies-etc

I also have a pocket shower liner that greatly increases the storage in my one bathroom.

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I have about 8 bottles on the top of my messy dresser.

In the past few years, I have been buying perfume at Costco. They usually have it around the holidays and around Mother’s Day. I just did a cost comparison this past Christmas- I was looking for a certain scent, Versace Bright Crystal, and Macy’s had it for $66, and Costco had the exact same size, exact same type for $29. Sometimes the department store will have a special, where there will be perfume, lotion and maybe a bag or other gift, but you definitely pay for that, when you compare the price of the perfume alone to Costco, if Costco has the one you want.

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I have a ridiculous amount of perfume and I have the exact same storage problem. There is no reasonable place for me to store all of them. Right now, they live on the corner of my coffee table, but I bought a shelving unit today and when I assemble it, I’m going to put them on one of the shelves so that they are organized and less likely to get knocked down.

Why shouldn’t you store perfume in the bathroom?

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I’m like @Simone_De_Beauvoir: I have always stored them on my dresser.

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The top of my dresser.

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On top of my dresser or vanity area. I don’t keep them anywhere else.

I have a little mini perfume I keep with me in my purse, that’s about it.

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@KatawaGrey: Bathrooms have high humidity and tend to get hot from the shower. Perfumes should be in a cooler, dryer environment.

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Thank you so much for the ideas!
I like @SpatzieLover ‘s suggestion…simply because it’s easy and I do have doors I can use!
As I said, I would rather not put them on the dresser because it’s not that large…LOL!
And @MilkyWay also had a good little shelf, too. And I can totally relate, you can’t help but have messy when houses don’t have enough storage! Honestly, the houses here do not have built-ins of any kind. These are things taken for granted in the US for the most part…even old houses usually have closets or built in cabinets of some kind.

I miss my big fat American closet. <sigh>

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