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Clean fun bachelorette party/weekend ideas at Disneyland?

Asked by realisticality (45points) February 23rd, 2012

I’m planning a bachelorette weekend at Disney for my sister :) Does anyone have any specific recommendations based on their own good experiences for things to do, places to eat, great photo taking spots in Disneyland for a group of 6 girls (22–27 years old) celebrating with the bride to be? We’re looking for mostly clean fun because the bride is super uncomfortable with too much…crazy stuff, if you know what I mean. (Which is why we picked Disney, especially because she’s having a storybook-themed wedding)

I myself have only gone there once and I don’t remember a lot of things that were there, so if anyone has had a great group experience there, let me know!

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I have an uncle that works there. Want his recommendations?

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If you can’t get into Club 33 (like I can), the Blue Bayou has the best food in Disneyland, but it is not friendly to loud partying, so make sure you access your needs before going there. If you decide on it, go to Customer Relations, at City Hall on Main Street, first thing in the morning to make reservations. You will have trouble getting in otherwise.
If you want alcohol with your dinner and you can’t get into Club 33 (like I can), you might want to go into Downtown Disney (which is outside the park), and go to the House of Blues. In the California Adventure side, there is the Wine Country Trattoria, which has good food and wine.

but Club 33 kicks ass

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Not meaning to be snarky, but are there any opportunities for “dirty fun” at Disney? I think you are pretty safe, but if the Adventurer’s Club is still there, it is a hoot.

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Why not plan a Hidden Mickey hunt? I did that with a friend I visited at Disney World. It should be a good group activity and it will keep everyone alert. The Blue Bayou is expensive. I would recommend crossing the street and having Monte Cristos and Pomme Frites at Cafe Orleans (very delicious!)

Don’t bother having breakfast at the park. Eat before you get there.

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Oh Gosh, I wish I was going with you! This will be so much fun.

For photo ops, you certainly want to get your picture taken in front of the following: First of all out in front of the Train Station (on the outside entrance) then in the middle of Main Street (which is right inside the entrance) the Sleeping Beauty Castle (especially if you can get someone else to take a photo of the group of you together) Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, The big lavendar leaves in front of the Alice in Wonderland ride, the Teacups, the pool where the Nemo Submarines are, in front of the Small World ride, standing in front of the elevated Tram, and riding on the Mark Twain paddle wheeler, and at least get one or more pictures with you guys with some of the “characters” that will be walking around.

I would highly recommend the Blue Bayou Restaurant. It’s a little pricey, but it’s so beautiful inside there. It’s inside, but they have made it appear as though you are sitting outside at night, complete with glowing fireflies and chinese lanterns. You can see the menu Here. If you have any vegetarians in your group, I can vouch for the portobello mushroom entree, it was delicious!

But I do agree with @muppetish if you want one of the tastiest sandwiches of all time, the Monte Cristo at the Cafe Orleans is fantastic.

Most of the rest of the food at Disneyland is so so.

If you can, you should also take a tour of the Grand Californian Hotel, which is also owned by Disney. You can ride the tram over there and back. It’s a magnificent example of Craftsman style architecture and they have beautiful artwork and a huge fire place inside. See it Here. The Grand Califonian Hotel has a handful of restaurants attached to it from sandwiches to fancy dining. The Napa Rose is a fancy restaurant. Or, for a more reasonable price, you might like the Storytellers Cafe which has homestyle food for breakfast and lunch, then a buffet for dinner.

Since your friend wants a Storybook wedding, there are lots of casual photo ops in front of the following rides: Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which are all located in Fantasyland. Here is where you are going to find Tudor-style half timber architecture and Black Forest style cottages with bottle glass windows and Victorian looking buildings. Sleeping Beauty’s castle is at the entrance (which will be the prime spot for photos for this particular theme) See the castle Here And don’t miss the Snow White Sculpture Grotto that is located in the fountain/moat directly to the right at the entrance to the castle. And the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse that is directly in front of the entrance to the castle.

And make sure you pop into as many of the Mainstreet stores as possible. All of them are decorated with quaint Victorian charm with lots of attention to detail (plus you can get beautiful ceramic figurines of all of your favorite characters.) One of the stores, which has some pretty pricey collectibles even has ceramic wedding cake toppers with Cinderella and Snow White.

I hope you all have a marvelous time and please give an update after the fact : )

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Wow these are great ideas everyone! Thanks so much!
@Adirondackwannabe if your uncle has any specific recommendations for a group of girls (22–27), that’d be great!

@Kardamom we’re actually planning on staying at the Grand Californian! Thanks for all the great details! I think we’ll definitely be dining at the Blue Bayou, especially since my sister loves the type of cuisine they serve :)

Again, thanks everyone!

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Have a great time!!! Check in, after you get back : )

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So the bachelorette weekend was a hit! We stayed at the Grand Californian and had dinner at the House of Blues. The food was slightly disappointing at the House of Blues restaurant, although the mahi mahi dish and the prime rib were quite good. The Bride-to-be got a lobster mac and cheese cause she’s a mac & cheese lover, but the flavor turned out bland =( But that was okay, because all the girls ended up sharing food and having a good time teasing the bride with a “special” cup for the bride to drink out of, if you know what I mean ;) We also dressed her up in an AWESOME dress with a tiara and “bride-to-be” sash that made her look like a princess! It was especially great because everyone turned their heads to look at her as we walked around Disney—she got plenty of compliments for strangers telling her how beautiful she was :) And the highlight for her: when we went into one of the stores at Downtown Disney, a little girl asked her if she was a Disney princess and shyly waved goodbye when she had to leave with her mom out the store. It was so adorable! here’s the dress

The morning after, we went to the Storyteller’s Cafe, and the food was phenomenal, especially their eggs benedict :) (gooey egg spilling out over everything is the best!)

We took lots of pictures in lots of places in Disney, as per suggested by Kardamom! The Snow White garden was beautiful and we went to a Princess coronation show, where the Bride was able to take pictures with all the Princes :) Lunch at the Blue Bayou was splendid too.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I was so glad the Bride and the rest of the girls enjoyed themselves :) Thanks so much for your suggestions!!

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@realisticality I love your friend’s dress! I’m so glad you all had a good time. It sounds like so much fun. I’m really glad you got to see the Snow White Garden, I don’t think a lot of people know about it, because they’re too busy rushing through the castle and not looking into the mote. And isn’t the Grand Californian divine? So glad the trip was a success : )

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