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Turning a question around, are there any avatars that you love seeing?

Asked by janbb (59602points) February 24th, 2012

Either because they are just a delight in themselves or because you know the answer that follows will be fun, good sense or both. Not sure if we can name names, but maybe we can point to avatars obliquely. (Or mods, if this question is not kosher, just let me know.)

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Many—like the one above me ;-)

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Certainly. I like to see a certain flippered one, and this other one of a little boy with a cheeky grin.(he grew up to be a cheeky adult, too)

There are others that instantly cause me to smile when I see them :)

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There are quite a few avatars on fluther that I really like. =0)

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^^^Me too!

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One of my favorites was the face of a green-eyed cat behind a few blades of green grass.

Others are images of peacock plumage; a sea turtle swimming in green water; multicolored abstract art; the silhouette of a howling wolf against a huge, pale blue moon; a mouse wearing a green sweater; and a violet eye.

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I’ve always quite enjoyed a certain jelly’s portraits of various other jellies.

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My avatars, of course.

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This, along with zensky’s question, has motivated me to click on everyone’s avatar around here. I finally know what half of them actually are…I feel we should have an avatar appreciation day. rofl

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I forget his name (or is it her?) but the one with the gold Dominic Cooper wearing gold shades on a gold throne with gold AK’s in his hands. I gotta say I like that one. :)

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Yall got nuttin’ on mine.

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I use them as a form of speed reading. I can run my eyes down the pictures attached to answers and have an idea of which ones I want to read.

The problem with that is the use by many of the generic jellies and the pixilated black cat.

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It’s amazing how many times my mind fills in what it thinks the avatar is, and then I click on a profile and am surprised.

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I love too many avatars to name here, but I’ll give a quick thumbs up to penguins. :-)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

There’s very few I don’t like, either because they’re neat or I like the Jelly. Chocolate’s cat weirds me out, but she’s ok so they offset.

Berserker's avatar

I also love the avatars of a certain user who draws his own avatars. Sometimes they’re other Jellies’s avatars he made, other times it’s random girls with a slight gothic allure. I may be biased since he drew me cooking a zombie head.
But the man’s got talent and style with his art. I don’t see him around anymore though.

Sometimes I see an avatar of a person I’m friends with, someone I think is interesting and all, and no matter what the avatar itself is, I feel a slight good feeling knowing someone I think rules posted something. There are some users who’s activity I seem to always gravitate to, so seeing the avatar is more of an association thing, rather than liking it. I also like animal avatars, especially cats and birds. I totally copied a certain user on here with the choice of my current avatar. of course I wanted a slightly freaky version

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Well, I know that mine has driven at least one jelly from fluther. I know that others on other Q&A sites really, really hated it. That was one nice thing about coming here. I could be as big an asshole as I wanted to be.

There I others I look for all the time and I tend to rejoice when they are around. I don’t often click through to see what they really are. And then there are the people who change theirs, leaving me confused about who is who for ages. I’m not very quick when it comes to keeping track of people. I feel like I need a scorecard to tell me which names and avatars have been associated over time.

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@Adirondackwannabe My cat weirds you out? WTF man? Fine, I’ll go change it just for you. <3

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate You have some weird planet you go to for cats?

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I’ll never tell…

SpatzieLover's avatar

It’s a planet made entirely of chocolate

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Yes. Yes, there are.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I like seeing @bob_‘s avatar… mainly because he’s not wearing pants.

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@janbb I like yours, and the words that go with it.

cookieman's avatar

the ass
the penguin
the golden jellyfish
the big a
cate blanchet
the matching couple
the multi-colored lips
the squirrel
the monkey in a hood
jeff goldbloom
the flowers in a vase
the blue dog
the seashell on the seashore
the cherubic baby
the bald cartoon with no pants
the kid with the grin
the sunflower
adam west
and many jellies who post their own facia bella.

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^Mmmmm…cookies. Some avatars make me hungry.

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and I’d lurve to see an appearance by the giraffe and the pegasus.

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Oh gee – I often wonder about dear whatthefluther.

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Pictures of people, cool scenery, art, or random funny things.

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I love seeing the pairs that BJ/JB come up with.
I like it when some of you decorate your regular avatar for a holiday.
I like to see the real you. Even though I won’t show the real me.

Bellatrix's avatar

Just for @Brian1946 :-)

I love the little ghosts avatar. That’s one of my absolute favourites.

I do like the penguin too.

And Bob in his little smock.

There are lots. I do have a love for the little cartoony type avatars though.

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Actually I like @Symbeline‘s avatar, not just because she’s a total badass, but it reminds me of a Bathory song.

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Surprising, perhaps, but I love avatars that pay a tribute to beloved pets! Unfortunately, somehow new Jellies always assume I am male because I have a bad-ass German Shepherd for a pet (and avatar at the moment).

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@Kayak8 WHAT? You mean that all this time, I’ve had a massive crush on… a GIRL???

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I love watching one jelly grow up through his avatars. @Hawaii_Jake has the prettiest I think.Then of course, there is Astrochuck, Jerv, I always liked Lupin, KatawaGray is good (love that movie) Peedub was strange and interesting. As I was looking over the avatars to answer this question, I noticed a bunch of new ones. JohnPennington is that you?

But my favorite is my devious dingo peeking through the door!

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Lots and lots. I lurve you people.

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I used to get a kick out of creating new Fluther avatars. In my heyday I was making 3 or 4 new ones per day. It was quite an obsession for a while. It was nice to get PM’s from people saying they appreciated them :) To anyone that I didn’t respond to, I apologize, it wasn’t intentional!

I think my favorite from those days is Jesus on the cross, with the thought balloon that says “This sucks”. I got so many compliments on that one :D

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Actually…, not really.

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@FutureMemory That’s interesting, how about along with avatar appreciation day, we have create your own avatar day! Where we all draw something and put them up for the rest of the Jellies to see.

I may be a little too excited right now. Don’t mind me.

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My avatar has been with me for many years now, both here for several and on another site. I would change it but for the little “communicator” that Jeruba added to Picard’s shirt. It’s like her autograph; the proverbial hand you never want to wash after shaking hands with a celebrity.

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LOL. Not many will even know what that sigh was for.

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<<<<<<< vain moment

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The zombie girls’ avatar.

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@zensky I know. We are old-timers here indeed.

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And the weepixie’s, ‘cause she’s full of piss ‘n vinegar. :)

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I cannot help but to be fascinated by The Beard.

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Awww it’s one of my favs….@Some_Ghost. How can anyone not love that little face.

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@linguaphile ‘s Hand jellies avatar is a creative marvel. Always makes me smile.

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@thorninmud warm fuzzies! They’re upside down sign language F’s

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@linguaphile What the FFFFF?

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@Kayak8 I thought it was “okay” to most people :D

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