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Sounds like a coffee high?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) February 24th, 2012

Add music to my coffee and I can lead a revolution from my garage (and I don’t even HAVE a garage); how is it that listening to my favourite music while drinking coffee can give me such a rush? It’s a mood booster like no other. Too bad it doesn’t last longer then a few hours though… Ideas? Comments? Anyone else experience something similar?

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Music releases endorphins

For real: Our therapists highly recommend music be used to even out our son’s energy levels. (he has Asperger’s Syndrome…which includes ADD)
Music to wake up. Music to be mellow. Music to encourage sleep.

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And where the hell do you get your coffee??

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@thorninmud: From the guys in Medellin, Colombia probably (and I don’t mean Juan Valdez).

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@SpatzieLover I used to like falling asleep to Mike Oldfield’s “The Songs of Distant Earth” album (whalesongs included! ;-) it’s really sweet. My grandfather also – for no apparent reason since he’s shunned music most of his life – started to listen to all sorts of different tunes every evening before going to sleep after he had an operation for prostate cancer. He couldn’t tell us why, he just felt the urge to listen to music after that. It’s a really fascinating subject. Thank you for the link btw;

@gailcalled : LOL

I suppose the awesomeness of music compounds the coffee’s effects on my mood, it is really amazing though how great it feels to be in that moment, preferably sitting at my PC, reading blogs, or whatever. I get lost in thought and start daydreaming about places I’ve been to, places I want to visit, old times, good times, people I used to know, a-ma-zing!

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Music is a definate mood enhancer. It will intensify a mood or you can use it to change your mood. I can get high off of the effect of music…definately!

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I love coffee. It is hard to explain but I love that first cup of coffee in the mornings listening to the birds on my lanai. I really love your attitude, @fremen_warrior. I’m glad your grandfather opened his heart to music. Nice story. Do you take your coffee black? Me? Cream and sugar.

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Coffee and music are great-continue to enjoy! Just be sure you are not drinking bad coffee or listening to really bad music.

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