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Do you tip your car mechanic?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) May 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

My fiesta is finally fixed!! (does a little happy dance) and the mechanic is giving me a very reasonable price. Should I tip?

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No I have never tipped a mechanic. It is not customary

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I can honestly say that idea has never occured to me. I always feel skinned alive when I leave my mechanic.

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I do see quite a few “thank you” cards pinned up in the mechanic’s waiting room/lobby with messages of eternal gratitude. That might be a good alternative.

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At the prices they charge already? No.

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I don’t but my mechanic consists of myself, my dad and my uncle.

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Thanks folks. Didn’t think so, but you never know. Its only recently I found out I should tip my hairdresser….

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I tip depending on my relationship with the mechanic. In the end, I get small free services or fixes that would have cost me way more money.

Dealership definitely – no
individual you have been going to for a few years – yes.
The long term relationship you have with your mechanic – priceless

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I have never tipped anyone who has done work on my cars. The only exception would be if a friend worked on my car. Then I might buy him a case of beer.

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Well, I guess, I’m the odd man out! Whenever he would say, “Ah, don’t worry about it,” for fixing a hose or tweaking it for one reason or another, I’d slip jim a twenty or more. I guess I didn’t want to be indebt (sp) to him. I hate when I owe someone!

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It’s funny, my husband and I were discussing something like this this morning. We had a problem with the car that would have cost $400 to fix. We can (and have) placed a small folded up square of paper under the control knob (the mechanic showed us this) and that functionally “fixes” the problem. We decided my husband will offer the mechanic money for the diagnostic time, since we decided not to do the repair now. If he doesn’t take it, I think sccrowell’s solution is a good one.

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Thanks again for the input. Seems I’m more stingy than my husband. When he saw the car he asked if I’d given a nice tip for a job well done and I told him I hadn’t, so he said he’d drop off a six-pack or similar next time he goes by the garage.

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See I don’t undertstand this problem. In Ireland we almost never tip for anything. You know what. Here’s am open invitation to all of you. I have a spare room in my house. You can all come and stay in it and you won’t have this problem anymore. Deal? Deal!

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Depending on what you are getting done, YES! You should tip your mechanic.
Now if your mechanic works for a dealership then no.
If your mechanic os fixing a recall, then no.
If you are getting brakes done or a tune up done then yes….A simple $20 is nice.
It shows your appreciation for their skills and can help move you along to the front of the line if you have a major break down. Thus saving you money even if you do tip because rentals are expensive.
Everyone should TIP when you can TIP.

Remember, TIPPING is not a city in China.
T.I.P= To Insure Professionalism.

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Which part are you in? Tis a small world indeed :)

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Mechanics get good money as is. When you pay 40 bucks and hour for labor. No tip is needed.

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I’m down in Cork. How about you? You Irish too?

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hahahaha….I’m in that general area too, but I’m not native.

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Well hey there neighbour. Can I borrow a cup of sugar please.

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Will Splenda do?

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Indeed it will. I’ll pop around and get it this evening. :)

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Great! Just make sure it’s before or after the Eurovision – I am not to be disturbed during…...even if Dustin didn’t make it ;)

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I better get going right now then, cause I can’t be leaving the house during Eurovision either, and myself and my wife plan on being waaaaaay too drunk after it for me to be walking up the stairs, let alone to your house.

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Could I get the name of this mechanic? I have a fiesta too and never ever thought that i’d been given a cheap price on a repair..

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Already left it in your Q ;)

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