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Anyone recently have a bathroom remodeled? How much of an investment should I expect?

Asked by syz (35506points) February 24th, 2012

My hall bathroom is the last room in the house that needs a major overhaul. It’s a pretty standard 5×8 type, and I’d like to rip out the formed shower/tub, the linoleum floor, and the cheap vanity and lights. My plan is a seamless glass shower stall (no tub), and multicolored slate-type tile. I’ve already purchased the vanity and the lighting.

Angie’s List has a special deal going on for a bathroom reno for $5000 (by their top rated renovation company listed). I have no idea if that’s a good deal or not! My plan was to talk to one or two companies and get quotes, but that’s turned out to be surprisingly difficult.

So I’m turning to Fluther. I realize that there can be a huge difference in price depending on materials, etc., but is $5000 in the ballpark for a good deal?

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Yes – that sounds like a good deal to me.

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Mine cost over AU$20,000 (I gave up counting then). It is beautiful though. $5000 sounds great. Just make sure that does include plumbers, tilers and all those additional tradespeople you will need and consider the quality of the fittings and fixtures. My tiler cost (I think) about AU$3000.

Sometimes these deals miss out lots of the additional costs.

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I did a similar size bathroom for about $6800.00 including material. I bought all the material and paid a carpenter to do the work. Depending on your fixtures, $5000.00 seems pretty reasonable.

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That sounds about right. My in-laws had their bathroom done for about that price and it’s approximately the same size. Of course, they accidentally picked out a $500 shower head. I doubt that you’ll do that though!

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Yeah! $5000 for a total reno with high-end features like that is a really, REALLY good deal. Though you’re probably saving some buckazoids by tiling the whole shower stall over and not installing a tub.

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I had a 6X9 full bathroom added in 2005 for about $20K, so $5K looks like a good deal.

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For that size bath, 5K sounds about right. When we had our bath remodeled (20’ long X 6’ wide) it cost 9K. That included a partial tear-out because I kept my existing sink and cabinets and linen closet that was built in. I also had my own ceramic tile which they installed on the floor and around the new installed tub from the builders.

Just be sure you go with a reputable company that explains everything. Because in the end it is very important to be pleased with your new bathroom. I know I love mine and feel it was worth every penny.

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The devil is in the details on this type of deal. What grade of drywall will they use? What sort of tile will the put in the shower? Do they match the grout to the tile?

And more importantly do they guarantee the plumbing work (which they will subcontract out)?

Get everything in writing,

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That’s amazingly inexpensive for what you’re describing. You know what they say about a deal that’s too good to be true? I’d be wary of the quality of the work and materials if I were you.

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