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The Guess-What-Thing-Is-Making-This-Sound quiz. Guess what...., I ask you to make a guess. Wanna join!

Asked by rebbel (34235points) February 24th, 2012

It is not a steam train.
The Jelly that guessed correct is…..... the winner.

Edit: Listen to it, and close your eyes :-) !
Just found out that the description of the sound is shown in the player….:-(

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[removed so as not to spoil}

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@thorninmud Yeah, I realized it after I clicked the link to test it.
Big fail, this question.
But…, I’ll try to make it a success anyway, and give you a new sound:

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ps. you are hilarious @rebbel ;)

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And I was thinking that’s the sound of the shit hitting the fan ;-)

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It’s a…..“zShare – File not Found.”

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re “Just found out that the description of the sound is shown in the player….:-(”

Well… you did tell people to close their eyes. :-)

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