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Ever have a day when it's best that you don't interact with anyone (foul mood). What do you do?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9847points) February 24th, 2012

Today, I am having one of those days.

I told a family member off, too.

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I do what you did. I try not to let it get to that because I will feel guilty afterwards. Turn your cell off and go do whatever you feel like doing, simple as that. Come back feeling refreshed and apologize for telling sb. off ;-)

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Take a bath. Put on jammies. Watch a funny movie.

Things I do not do:
—Answer the phone
—Answer emails.

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Do what @SpatzieLover said. Also, call in sick.

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Short, one word answers to everything.

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I am having one of those days, as well. I stayed in bed so I wont hurt the nephew and maybe I will feel better. Maybe I would feel better if I told the nephew off

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Enter: Computer games. Movies. TV. Reading.

Also, and this is sort of really bad of me, but I have a secret Twitter account (protected tweets, no followers) where I bitch about people (no names, obviously). But, it lets me vent.

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I avoid talking to people if I can. I stay in my jammies. I take hot baths and either read a good book or play on my tablet. I take an extra Xanax, lol. I might take a nap.

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In recent years I have learned to alert my family: “Just to let you know—I’m in a perfectly rotten mood today, and its better if I just stay away from everybody until it passes. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you did, and I’m not mad at you.”

When I was still a cubicle worker, I would avoid everybody and keep silent in meetings. At home, I just keep to myself.

Things I would not do:
– Try to jolly myself out of it in any way whatsoever (and anyone else who tried would catch the worst of it, for sure)
– Make a decision (wrong time for that)
– Write anything intended for an audience (letter, message, report, etc.), which would inevitably reflect my mood and outlast it, with possible damaging effect

Things I would do:
– Wallow in it
– Listen to music that matches my mood
– Write dark, angry stories in which bad things happen to people
– Go for a walk or just a long, brooding sit somewhere alone

It seldom lasts more than a day, and I don’t think my family has ever demanded an explanation. It’s just one of those things.

If there’s a real cause for it, it will last three days, and it’s a different matter entirely.

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lol @Aethelflaed at the secret twitter account. Love that idea. You are all a bunch of xxx in less than 140 characters. I am going to make myself one of those babies!

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I’ve opted for some retail therapy.

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Retail therapy is a good thing. When my Dad died and my mom told me not to come I was only 65 miles away I indulged in some serious retail therapy. Books and food later, I was enriched, enlightened and sated. Of course, the rest of it sucks, but that’s another story. Oh, the stories I will PM you! And try not to actually talk. Along that road lies danger!

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I had one of these today! I had tacos for lunch and left work early. Having a beer now. Feel a lot better.

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I want one of those today… people won’t let me have one though.

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Know thyself.
If you KNOW you are in a funky zone then just tell people you are laying low for a few days. Projecting your bad mood onto others is not acceptable. It’s your responsibility to check out without taking your stuff out on others.
Sit with your feelings, and get clear from within. It’s not about distraction, it’s about getting in touch with what is really going on within yourself.

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Everyone has gray days, not everyone acknowledges it though. Admitting that you are having a bad day is half the battle. I find that if I admit and allow, I soon forget about it and get on with my day. The more I deny the longer it sticks with me. Sometimes I have a good wallow too, but I put a time limit on it, for me, too much wallowing is counterproductive.

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Personally, when I am having a “foul mood” day I try to avoid conversation. Especially to family. Family members who know me seem to be the ones who know how to get under my skin the most. The ones that are more intrusive and concerned perhaps. Yet, foul moods for me are black and I stay away from people all together or try. If at work and I am around people then I just do my job and try to avoid conversation. At breaks when I am forced around others for down time…I deal with it…grit my teeth and leave when I can. Otherwise I would probably get fired. Anyway…hope you get to feeling better and your foul mood is yesterday’s news..chow.

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Just smile slightly and nod. Stay off by myself as much as possible. Get a good nights sleep and wait until tomorrow. I don’t usually maintain that sort of mood for more than a day.

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Yes that has happened to me a few times. I just fake it. I act the part of a happy go lucky guy. I try to fool all around me into thinking that I’m feeling good and it actually helps me to feel better.

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Usually go for a really long walk, or rent like, four movies and spend the day watching them. I don’t interact with that many people anyways, so maybe it sounds easier said than done. Hope you feel better soon. :) ’‘hugs!’’

she, she just ripped my arm off :D

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Plug in the earbuds.
Turn up the volume.

The foul mood usually dissipates if I distract myself and refuse to feed it new energy.

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