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Current or former Askvillers: how is your Fluther experience different from your Askville experience?

Asked by Harp (19174points) May 23rd, 2008

Today will be my 4th day Fluthering after over a year on Askville. This is quite a different environment, isn’t it? Just curious how you’re seeing it.

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never personally used askville. However after visiting site highly recommend this site for the mobile iphone fluthers. It is a great web app for the iPhone. Its even pretty fast on the EDGE network

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i liked askville before the things happened to my friends, but i like fluther, it’s going to take some getting used to such as fluthers/friends, stars/gold. i like a friendly debate but not rude and ugly debates.

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I like Fluther’s interface. It took a bit of getting used to, but I do enjoy the very long string and the fact that you can pick up where you left off. Of course I came with a bunch of ppl I know. I’ve made a point to try to participate in conversations other than those focused on us and AV. I did get a bit trounced on but I’m not going to make an issue about it. I imagine that having a whole bunch of ppl just show up outta the blue had to have an impact on this community and so it’s really OK

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It’s my fourth day, too, and I’m still very much getting my feet wet. I initially found the shorter answers off-putting. With only five answer slots on Askville, the answers tended to be more carefully crafted, and better documented, and I enjoyed that. But I think it also led us to take ourselves too seriously. As I’ve looked at more and more Fluther answers, I’ve become more used to this format and can see its merits.

This is a more relaxed place, and so far, I haven’t seen the nasty attacks that really ruined the Askville experience for me. It’s also nice to see many of my favorite Askvillers here, and I think they can really be an asset to this site. This is not to demean the non-Askvillers. I’m simply not as familiar with them yet, and I can’t compliment them as freely.

I hope you experienced Flutherers (Is that a word?) will bear with us while we learn our way around.

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hi cat and tabby cat, first day back in about 3 days. just wanted to say hi.

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Hi, feisty. It’s nice to see you here!

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hi tabbycat,what’s been going on? been away for a few days.

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Still learning the ropes around here. One thing that impressed me, though, is that I got a nice, e-mail from Ben, addressing my login problems, which are now solved. The fact that one of the co-founders is willing to respond personally is a very good sign, considering that communication with the Askville Team seemed to be one of our biggest problems there.

I hope you are well and enjoying the end of the summer.

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i am doing ok, just checking in once in awhile, yes i am enjoying end of summer hope you are too.

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