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What is critical to your life?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) February 25th, 2012

What compels you?

What forces you to strive?

What passion drives you?

What is vital to your soul?

I act. I work at the art of acting. I craft roles to bring forth something of the universal human essence. I’m driven to do it. It’s like breathing.

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A whole lot of fuck all. Plus I ain’t got no soul! :D

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The right kind of music.

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I think learning… I never want to stop learning.

And helping other people learn and reach their goals is important to me.

Doing the right thing for my family is right up there too. That keeps me striving.

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Lady lumps.

A world without breasts and bottoms would be utterly meaningless.

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Honestly, I strive to help people just like me, that’s why I’m going to be a teacher. Poor teenagers, they have no idea what’s going on, at leased I didn’t.

What keeps me on the tightrope is mindfullness meditation.

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@lemming What’s really funny is that’s my honest answer :)

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Positive thinking & great sex…..yeah, that’s it.

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Pure rage and unsurpassed hatred for the human species. Its extinction is my greatest goal, the meaning of my existence.

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Hopping between the sheets and slip-sliding away.

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Misplaced tenacity…

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My kids. For me, everything else is just details. But GQ buddy.

Oh, and reaching 10k lurve.

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In no particular order:

Having and being a friend
A passion for human rights
A love of literature and the well-crafted thought
Joy in the moment – when I can find it
Creating a home that nourishes me

In former times, it would have been my husband and my children but now that has been smashed and I must create myself anew.

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What compels me is never give up. What forces me to strive is my responsibility dna that my parents were all about. The passion that drives me is having glimpsed the eternal. What is vital to my soul is relationships, a little spot to be me in and make something. Each day we should all create something. A smile, an encouragement, write something, bake something, clean something, shovel something, you know what I mean.

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Positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments.

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I don’t know, just living. I don’t feel like I’m on some mission to be the best, I’m just occupying my time and trying to do something constructive with it.

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For many years, my primary motivation came from a desire to provide as best I could for my wife and children. As I got a bit older, I found that I did my best when I was challenged by circumstances or by others. Now, at the age of ( almost ) 69, I find that my motivations have become to protect and provide for my wife, to help my children and grandchildren as they need it, and to pass on all the things I have learned to younger men and women whom I admire. : )

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My independence. I have a disabilty that confines me to a wheelchair about 75% of the time, so being active and independent are absolutely essential to me.

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@zensky You know you coulda reached 10K like a million years ago. :p

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Knowing I’ve got the opportunity ot go out and explore the world

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@jenesiaspas : Are you a mortician?

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@Hawaii_Jake He works for the military industrial complex.

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Yes I am. Also, I have a side job as a deli clerk. DId you ever wonder why the ham is half price?

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I am compelled by love, impulse, a sense of justice. My children’s well-being and that of my partner are critical to my life.

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My dogs, I couldn’t live without my dogs. They are vital to my existence.

My passion is carving. I love to take a piece of funny twisty wood and find the creature living inside.

My mate is pretty important too.

I have always felt the need to help others when I could but I don’t go out of my way looking for someone. Fate must put them in my path.

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Being able to appreciate beauty in all its forms, sight, smell, taste, touch….(and I don’t just mean what is considered classically beautiful…I love the concept of beautiful imperfection..wabi-sabi )
Being able to create beauty for myself and others.
Connecting with people on a deeply personal level, even if it be for just a moment, but better if it is a long term loving relationship.
Moments of transcendence, peak experiences.

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My kids

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Competing in long-track speedskating, like I’m doing here in my avatar. I the speed and power of the sport. It’s like driving without a car.

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