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Why does my cat quickly forget when there's bad weather outside?

Asked by SABOTEUR (14149points) February 25th, 2012

She’ll beg to go out the front door, discover it’s too cold or it’s raining or something, and come back inside. She’ll immediately go to the back door to be let out, as if the “back door weather” is different from the “front door weather”. She’ll continue this several times over a half hour interval before she gives up trying.

What gives?

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I have no idea, when it’s bad weather my cats head for the hills and hibernate until it’s over.

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Maybe she smells or hears something outside and is wanting to go out to investigate and gives every door a chance to check it out further before giving up. Does she have windows she can look out?

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…. it’s a cat. What makes you think it has thoughts or understanding beyond “need to pee now” and “want food”?

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My cats will have me playing what I call “Doorman” (or in my case, “Door-woman”) if I let them. If I open the door and they are not interested, that’s it for them. I am done catering to their wishes!

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Same with our cat. My guess: the instinct is too strong and a cat’s brain cannot make conclusions like, oh, it was cold outside this morning, and also the last 7 days, it must be winter…

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Maybe your cat doesn’t trust you to remember to let them in. They want you to go out with them to do their business and wait outside for them. I can see this happening if you ever let them out and then forgot to let them in.
But more than likly your cat finds it entertaining to have you get the door everytime. In its mind, its saying, “With a little more work I can have this human trained to do everything I wish”.

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Going outside really has nothing to do with it. You cat is playing a game with you. She simply wants your attention.

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While they are more intelligent than @MrItty gives them credit for, that does not mean that they care. See, the cat wants out, and the cat wants it to be nice outside when they get there. If you don’t let the cat out or it’s not nice out when they get there, the cat will keep on trying until they get what they want; outside in nice weather.

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Animals live far more “in the moment” than we humans who sometimes overthink things and overanalyze.

This has its advantages and disadvantages.

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@MrItty Hmmm…good point…hadn’t considered that.
@jca Wish I could stand up to my cat like that. But she’s an only child, you understand, so I probably let her get away with more than I should.
@Pandora I am fully trained, thank you very much. I’m just not very intelligent…
@gondwanalon That seems very very likely. She always wants my attention…except for those time where she doesn’t want to be bothered.
@jerv OK…I’m beginning to get the point.
@Buttonstc So my question was based on a faulty assumption. Got it.

Such a wealth of thoughtful responses. Thank you all!

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