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Which is the best peer to peer software or p2p client?

Asked by cooltaj (16points) June 27th, 2007

I am wanting to download music although it is illegal. But who cares?

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Limewire happens to be the best p2p application for music. Its fast, has a huge collection, lets you download individual songs. 823 of the 2037 songs in my iPod are from limewire. The only draw back for limewire is it has some spam. So remmeber when using limewire, do not download a song that is spelled incorrectly or has any other text other than the song info. Also if you want to remain safe, do not share your limewire collection.

Ps. message if you want the PRO version of limewire

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Try Utorrent. Pit of a hassle to get going initially but once you have it set up you can get anything you want.

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killers, i didnt recommend torrents because the gov. is cracking down on torrents big time. THe supreme court passed a bill that allows the governemnt to track all torrents from torrentspy and they are after alot of other sites. The only two good sites left would be and

Torrents are awesome for software, games and full albums. But if you want to download that one song , limewire is the way to go

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To be honest, newsgroups are the way to go...the idea that they are expensive is a misconception. For as little as $5 a month, you can download at full speed, with good reliability.

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I would highly recommend uTorrent. It's fast out of the box, and uses very little resources of your computer.

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utorrent is a very good p2p client.u might want to use peer guardian 2 along with is packet filtering firewall esp designed for p2p has blocklists filtering out fake torrents which are uploaded by the riaa to consume bandwidth,spyware sites etc.u can read more about it at

and dont forget to seed your files !!!

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If you're looking for a p2p network to share and find music, SoulSeek is the best option in my opinion. You can find it at .

What's good about it?
- you can find virtuamy any artist you're looking for.
- a great community (integrated chatrooms).

- What's not so good about it?
-you can only download from one source per file/folder you're downloading.
But since almost everyone has cable nowadays, slow speeds aren't really a problem anymore.

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Getting a VIP account at a file sharing forum like is a good (although not free) way to get access to lots of cracked apps, music, games and movies. As far as I know, puzo is a cheap, one-time payment for a vip account.

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oink is incredible, by invites are tough to get and they are real sticklers for content and quality, (how I lost my membership)

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Limewire, Gnutella, are both excellent p2p applications. adhere to the first response’s caveats and you’ll be fine.

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