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Who is the most ridiculous American politician at present?

Asked by flutherother (27323points) February 25th, 2012

I know, we are spoiled for choice but pick a favourite and include a YouTube clip if you have one.

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We’re so loaded with them how could anyone trim the list down to one?

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@jenesiaspas Have to disagree with you. Compared to the clown possey running to oppose him, he’s the sanest one out there.
Welcome to fluther.

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I’m going to have to go with the jelly formerly known as my Newt boobs Gingrich.

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Rick Santorum knocked over my butterfly collection and put gum in my hair. :-(

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Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain definitely take the cake.

You must watch those videos. I can’t stop laughing.

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I’ll say Newt Gingrich but I really don’t keep up with these characters. lol

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Wow, tough choice…but I’d go with Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas. Never ceases to astound. Take a look at him here (starting around 1:20) defending his claim that terrorists are breeding “terror babies” to attack America in 20 years.

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The republican party currently has a contest to find out just that answer, so you just have to wait. In the end you will even get a ranking.
Santorum thinks Satan is plotting against the US, Gingrich wants to build a moonbase, Romney thinks the best thing in Michigan is that the trees are the right height and Paul wants social darwinism.
It would be funny if it was not so disturbing.

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I am with @ragingloli on this one, but at the moment I have to give the edge to Santorum. Still it is a race to the bottom.

@jenesiaspas Like @Adirondackwannabe, I disagree. See, just because you disagree with somebody, that doesn’t automatically make them ridiculous. Thinking that birth control is worse than being raped and forced to keep the baby (as Santorum believes) is far more ridiculous than anything I’ve heard from Obama, and it saddens me that that is not the most ridiculous thing I have heard from this election’s crop of GOP hopefuls.
If you truly dislike Democrats, support a candidate that neither scares us nor makes us wet ourselves laughing; someone like Buddy Roemer.

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@thorninmud It is early in the campaign but Louis Gohmert has established an almost unassailable lead already.

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Speaking as an outside observer resident of england town i’m going to say the entire republican party.
Those candidates currently seeking the ticket are absolute tosspots, true losers.

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Phil Davidson entertained me the most.

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@fundevogel Hilarious. It’s disappointing he didn’t get that Republican nomination but he’s definitely a contender here.

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I’m convinced this is a conspiracy by the Obama admins to get elected again. I just can’t believe these adults would be so dense. :P

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All of the Republicans. Hell. Obama doesn’t even have to campaign. He can just sit back and watch the Repubs make total fools of themselves.

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Gotta be either Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. I’m not trying to be sexist, or even bring sex into it, but those are definitely the 2 that come to mind first.

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I may get in trouble for this, but, this is currently my favorite bumper sticker.

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True. It is also interesting that Palin and Bachman ran for office at all, because the NT clearly states that woman are not allowed to have any authority over men.

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It is a tough one between Rick Santorum and David Albo. I guess people like Santorum don’t want too many younger people to acquire critical thinking ability, people that would never vote for politicians like himself in the first place. Albo is despicable, but at least he’s not running for president.

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I think after his litany of total lies about the Dutch killing their elderly when they go to the hospital, and his opposition to university education and to public education of any kind, Rick Santorum may be edging out the other whack jobs that have neen in this year’s clown parade.

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Well, let’s see…
There’s John Boehner and all that crying.
There’s Mitt Romney and his shameless pandering.
Newt Gingrich is an idiot.
Sarah Palin is fun, but old news.
Christine O’Donnell is not a witch
Jan Brewer is completely brainless

but few people bring the crazy like Michele Bachman

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Anyone associated with the Tea Party.

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Barak Obama link
Joe Biden link
Nancy Pelosi link
Maxine Waters link

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@Tuesdays_Child Making gaffs like those is a far cry from holding dangerously bigoted beliefs. Or are you fully in support of misogyny and homophobia? Do you feel that discrimination is not only tolerable, but a virtue should be commended, or even a duty?

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@jerv Quite possibly your idea of ridiculous differs from mine…..I do find those politicians that I linked ridiculous. By the way, the links for Obama, Pelosi and Waters aren’t to gaffes…they are to ridiculous statements…hence ridiculous politicians. As far as your charges of misogyny, I don’t see anyone whose stance is a hatred of women. The homophobia is a matter of personal belief, Christians, for the most part believe that homosexuality is fundamentally wrong and all of them that i have spoken to about it want to abolish the sin and not the sinner. The majority of the ugliness that I hear comes from the liberal side of things.

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@Tuesdays_Child True, I have a more mainstream idea of what is “ridiculous”. And I happen to know a lot of Christians that really don’t care much about homosexuality if for no reason other than they feel that Man is unfit to judge. And how do you abolish sin anyways? Humans lack the power, and God either can’t (possibly due to not existing, possibly due to merely not being how you seem to envision Him) or just won’t because He doesn’t have a problem with homosexuals. Plus, given the number of times in history where religious texts have been either revised or creatively interpreted to justify all sorts of heinous acts, I have a bit of a hard time with that whole angle anyways.

Just a little note about human nature too; people tend to mostly associate with like-minded people. I tend to hang with open-minded, tolerant people with good math skills and avoid extremists from either side. So when you say that most people you talk with agree with you, that is both unsurprising and unconvincing.

As for, “The majority of the ugliness that I hear comes from the liberal side of things.”, that is only because from what I have seen you do not believe that there is anything wrong with discrimination, at least not against groups that you personally disapprove of. I hear ugliness coming from both sides, but the Liberal side is less blatant about it. Maybe you don’t hear it merely because you don’t want to.

Regardless, you are entitled to your opinion, but that does not mean I cannot disagree rather vocally.

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@jerv You are correct about abolishing sin, we cannot do it and God gave humans free will to choose as they please so we have to live with sin in the world, that aside, you are entitled to your opinion. On the “hanging with like-minded people” I have to disagree with you, I have acquaintances and friends from all walks of life and from every possible set of ideologies and beliefs…I tend not to limit myself to people that only believe as I do and respect their beliefs even if I disagree with them. I’m very happy for you that you have open-minded tolerant friends, they are good for the soul. You are incorrect about your conclusion that I see nothing wrong with discrimination, I despise discrimination..against anyone for any reason. You see, I am able to have disagreements with people without the drama of hate and personal attacks and, if you read my response to you, I never said that I disapproved of or approved of anything, except ridiculous politicians which is what the question asked about. I was merely answering a question and you jumped in with comments that pretty much accused me of misogyny and homophobia. Why? Oh right, because I do not hold the same political ideology as you. I suspect that this is an example of Liberal (or at least your) tolerance.
By the way, the asker did not specify that only Conservative/Republican politicians were to be included in the ridiculous category, so, I guess this means that I am also entitled to disagree, rather vocally, with your assessment.

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@Tuesdays_Child You seem to mistake me for a Liberal… that is funny! Now, don’t get me wrong, I stand by my assertion that Conservatives tend to have the most egregious ridiculousness, but don’t take that to mean that I don’t believe that Democrats don’t do stupid stuff either. The main reason I went after you wasn’t based on political bias, but rather, what I saw as the relative weakness of your argument about how ridiculous Democrats are compared to similar evidence against Conservatives.

You are correct that the OP did not narrow it down to just one side of the aisle, but bear in mind that the race for the 2012 GOP nomination has made otherwise apolitical/neutral people do a three-handed facepalm. Hell, I know a few loyal Republicans that are ready to jump ship just because of the stuff that has been said in this race.

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@jerv You are correct, I did take you for a Liberal, if that was incorrect, I apologize but your comments led me there, your assertion that you ‘went after me’ because of the relative weakness of my argument as opposed to political bias doesn’t hold water. The only link that I posted which was a gaffe was Joe Biden and he just gets honorable mention for ridiculous, ALWAYS, in my book. The rest of the comments were offensive/ridiculous. I do believe that Nancy Pelosi is ridiculous “we have to pass the bill so that we can know what is in it”(??) and I found President Obama’s “special Olymics” comment to be much more heartfelt then the apology that he gave for it (I have a special needs niece who is as earnest and delightful a person as I have ever known and she is tickled to compete in her local level of the special olympics) and then there is Maxine Waters who says stuff that is so ignorant that it is ridiculous.
I also realize the tenuous position that the right has put themselves in in this election season but I firmly believe that we need an administration change. I, too, am appalled by some of the stuff going on in the GOP but I do not see that any Liberal/Democrat has any better ideas or better behavior than them. In short, both sides make me heartily support term limits and repeat what I saw someone post on another question “career and politician should never go together.”
Oh, and as an aside, I know staunch, lifelong Democrats who are looking for an option to the current President because of his disregard for the wishes of the people of this country and for the division and rhetoric that he promotes.

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@Tuesdays_Child I am looking for voters to finally wake up and realize that choosing between crap and shit isn’t really a choice, then abandon the two-party system, but in the meantime I will try and view it all as a comedy just so I don’t cry.

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I have to agree with that. I sometime find that the two parties mirror each other more than they differ…as if to say ‘let’s cut this silliness out and get down to some real lunacy’.Sad.

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@jerv OMG you’re just trying to make yourself feel better by giving yourself a false sense of superiority over American politics, you plebeian.~

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I can’t believe @Tuesdays_Child is digging up years old stuff on Obama, and, of all things, the Health Care Bill! Why not dig up something very recent, like within the last week? That would be easy find with the Republican jokers who are running now.

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@Dutchess_III believe it. Just a note on being critical of others posts/replies, maybe you should bother to read/view them before you criticize… point being that my link about the President, while an older one, had absolutely zero to do with health care….so I’m not quite sure what you are getting at other than to complain that my views are different than yours. As for that, too bad. I answered a question in the social section of fluther with my opinion.

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