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When is it too early to change your profile picture?

Asked by Moldychesee (169points) February 25th, 2012

Okay, I just got in a new relationship, but it’s not official yet. Would it be too early to change my profile picture to one of me and him?

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If you’re not sure, then the answer is “Yes, it’s too early.” Better safe than sorry.

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Too early would be if your second half does not even know that she/he is your second half.
And putting a photo of the two of you having dinner on the first date; too early too.
Once you (both) confirmed that you are an item would be early enough, is my opinion.

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I agree with @rebbel. Also you may want to check and make sure their ok with their photo on the Internet.

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I think anything before six months is too early.

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Be an individual as long as you can. You have a lifetime to be part of a twosome.

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I wouldn’t post a picture of my S.O. without his consent, not even if I’d been married to him for 33½ years.

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I wouldn’t dare to switch to this without a signed and notarized consent form that runs in perpetuity.

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